The Day I Got Rid Of My iPhone

obviously Not my iphone. it's a handy dandy stock photo.

obviously Not my iphone. it's a handy dandy stock photo.

It was a fairly extraordinary day really. Mr S and I were off on a short hike whilst our girls had a play with their BFF, Lemonthyme (not her real name, unfortunately!). Mr S and I hiked through ice and snow on our local beautiful mountain, Mount Wellington/kunyani in Hobart.

We returned to pick up the girls and as we were leaving I couldn't find my phone. Mildly panicked I began a search and I found it. Under a bag. That was housing a leaky drink bottle. Oh my stars.

But, it was fine. Turned on again, I made a call, I was called, I sucked some water out of it, I lovingly dried it off. I half heartedly accepted a bag of rice for the drive home thinking that I wouldn't need it. A few blocks in, Siri started trying to call people, including my deceased father. (Not that I wouldn't have been happy to speak to him... then I'd be converted to Siri forever!) I tried to turn it off, but the home button wasn't working, then Lady P (aged 2) lost her dummy, it was dark in the car, I dropped the phone somewhere in the car, DMM (aged 4) wanted a drink, it was dark in the car and I could hear my phone saying 'Sure, CALLING ANNA S NOW'.

The car was pulled over by Mr S. Phone was located and switched off. Peace was restored to the back seat. I was without a lifeline. I tried to turn it on the following morning (I know, I know) and still nothing.

After a tense day I began to realise how lovely it was being uncontactable. I enjoyed the mental peace and quiet so much. I enjoyed actually speaking to people (namely, my family). I pulled out my old iPhone for the wifi based apps, and even then I found it remarkably easy to turn it off. The following day I found out a basic rule of adulthood.

If you can't afford to replace it, insure it.

Guess what? I HAD INSURED IT. Confetti. Sparklers.

Except... I didn't think I wanted another super expensive tiny fragile computer in my pocket phone again. If not, then what?

I went to town the next day sans communication. It felt remarkably weird and a bit gross, in a self indulgent twenty first century way. However, I survived with flying colours. We didn't die on the road, I didn't need to call someone in an emergency and NO ONE CALLED ME.

I had a beautiful morning with DMM involving swimming, coffee dates, conversation, skipping through the city centre and cuddles. Perfectly lovely. My phone number was switched back to my old iPhone at the same time.

Later that day I mentioned to Mr S that my number was working again.

'I guessed that.' he said 'You've been staring at it all afternoon.'

Ugh. I was so defensive because I realised he was probably right.

That evening I talked it through with myself (Mr S unfortunately has to listen to these talking-it-through conversations, just makes comforting sounds until I stop talking, bless him) and realised that I don't want another distracting life-toy.

Insurance claim is being sorted, whereupon I have decided I'll purchase an iPod touch for my business/blog/faffing about needs and a super basic cheap bombproof/replaceable smartphone.

Right now I feel free. Just like we did ten years ago. Oh, the irony.

Fast forward a week or so, the insurance claim has gone through with a few hitches, but it went through. My insurer was confused as to why I wouldn't want another iPhone, and they were initially unwilling to give me the cash that was owed to me. After a few more explanations and some hoop jumping (I suspect I even held my tongue at a particular angle) they agreed to deposit the balance of my insurance into my bank account. As is my legal right.

I began the period of time I refer to as The Research, where I spent my spare time being thoroughly confused about the ins and outs of Android phones vs Windows phones vs iPhones. So many choices! I realised that this very reason was why I loved iPhones. NO CHOICE.

Another rule of adulthood:

Sometimes no choice is the best choice of all.

This week I went for a drive, deliberately went to shop with little choice, found there were still too many choices, but made a simple quick choice. I'm now the proud owner of a Sony Xperia 4g phone. It wins no design awards, the camera isn't as nice as my iPhone 5s, but then I remember that it's also $600 cheaper. So all things considered, that's fine by me.

I don't really know how to use it that well, and an exasperated Mr S said to me last night 'Why do you keep saying that? Just read the manual.' 'It didn't come with one! And, I kind of like not knowing how to use it.' 'Well PLEASE stop talking about it then.'

Touche, Mr S. Touche. I realised that I keep talking about it because it's such a novelty to have no idea how to use a different phone. Lunacy, isn't it? I've since made a list of things I want to know how to do with it and looked them up. Just like a big person.

So there you have it. My journey to a life of a phone on Airplane mode is in full swing. If you need me, you can ring me on my landline. I know. I still have one of those.

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These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things - A Link Round Up

favourite things

It's Saturday afternoon here. Squarespace has just eaten my first nearly finished version of this post and I'm going to have to dig deep, choose happiness (HA!) and not swear out loud. My toddlers are lurking.

I thought I'd share what I've been loving this week...

I found Cara Chace's blog this week via the Badass Soloprenuer Facebook group and I immediately loved her writing style. This post in particular entitled '31 Things To Do When You Need a Break' was such a pleasure to read and gave me plenty of ideas.

When I'm cooking dinner or folding endless washing I'm usually listening to either a podcast or an audiobook. I'm currently loving Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS. I have a true love/hate relationship with Audible - I either love the audiobook and listen obsessively or I can't stand the narrator's voice and hit 'return' within the first twenty minutes. This is NOT the case with #GIRLBOSS - I'm loving every single minute of it. Part memoir, part girls in business, it's such a great listen.

Mr S is not only a supremely awesome human, loving husband and father and handyman ninja, he's a black and white wilderness film photographer. He has recently put together a RedBubble page where you can purchase his stunning images on a variety of different products. We've roadtested a few things and the quality is amazing. Go check it out.

My post on Choosing Happiness this week was met with some negativity on my Facebook page. What I will say is this: I choose joy. I choose happiness. Because I can. After a long time dealing with my shoddy mental health, I have found that choosing simplicity and happiness is half of my battle. The other bits are exercise, sleep and sometimes medication. I do not believe that sharing a positive outlook is detrimental to someone's mental health. If you're having problems seeing the specks of daylight there are people you can talk to. Head to Beyond Blue to find some great info or call them on 1300 22 4636.

I am no bathroom cleaning zealot, but I read about this awesome tip to clean your toilet with toothpaste. IT WORKS. That is all.

Image from

Image from

I am obsessed with this cake. I'm usually obsessed with cake, but THIS CAKE. Chocolate Date Peanut Butter Ganache Layer Cake. SAY WHAAAAT? I've now made it twice, and two cakes each. I don't do the peanut butter ganache because I don't usually have cream in the house, but the first time I made a chocolate ricotta icing, and the second a chocolate buttercream. Both times SO GOOD. Moist. Delicious. It's got peanut butter in the cake, so technically it's a superfood.

my Iphone. In rice-CU. Get it? Rice intensive care. I know. I crack myself up too.

my Iphone. In rice-CU. Get it? Rice intensive care. I know. I crack myself up too.

After the great Wet iPhone incident of early July, I have a) patted myself on the back for putting my iPhone on my house insurance with a manageable excess and b) gone to the dark Android side of life. My new phone is pretty, but I freely admit it's not a fancy as my iPhone. The thing is, it's also $600 cheaper and I will feel less concerned about knowing it's whereabouts at any given moment. That, my friends, is another post for another time.

Mr S pointed out to me a few weeks ago that the scroll button on my mouse didn't work very well. I'd known that for some time, but when he told me I was suddenly VERY AWARE that it didn't work. I'm quite slack at purchasing things that desperately need replacing ie I've been wearing a belt two sizes too big for about a year now. Buying a mouse isn't fun. OR IS IT? When I purchased a new phone I enquired about cordless mice.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

I am now the proud owner of a new Fox mouse. It cost me a fairly paltry $19.98 but it makes me very happy on two counts. 1) SO PRETTY. 2) Job done. Mouse purchased. No longer am I frustrated by a dodgy scroll button. BAM.

What's been rolling in your world? What things changed your view? What are you loving to read right now? Tell me everything.

Some links in here are Amazon Affiliate Links. That means I loved what I wrote about, found the correct page on Amazon, did some annoying legwork to get a link in here. If you click on my link and purchase I get a tiny kickback that might cover my time spent putting links in. And perhaps buy some coffee.

Coffee's dirty little secret.

I guess coffee has a FEW dirty little secrets. Fair trade issues, the unforgivable description of "expresso" at several coffee shops, the false advertisement of "coffee" when they really just mean instant coffee with a


milk substance floated on top, and more recently coffee pods.


have the market on coffee pods, courtesy of spunky George, with his silvery-fox hair and dreamy eyes.

But it's a dirty, dirty thing.

You see, those pods that assist your pod machine to pour out the most glorious smelling coffee, are NOT easily recyclable, reusable or compostable. Sure, Nespresso offer a recycling service. All you need to do is peel the foil off your pod, dispose of the coffee grounds inside, wash the pods and take them to your nearest garden centre that supports Nespresso recycling.

No biggie, it's only 40km away.

How did I wind up in this world of coffee pods? My beautiful BEAUTIFUL Nemox Cafe Fenice machine exited this world in a somewhat lacklustre blaze of glory. A few weeks ago we had a storm and my house circuit shorted. I looked around outside, called my power company and wanted a fix time. They asked if I could check my circuit board... and sure enough it was tripped. We narrowed it down to my kitchen.

Uh oh.

I called my electrician bro-in-law who suggested taking Nemox to a different room and checking again. Sure enough, it shorted out the house twice more. Upon investigation, poor Nemox wasn't financially viable to fix. Enter my limited funds and an almost-brand-new Nespresso machine on a buy/swap/sell site.

Back to the dirty coffee...

I've been testing a multitude of coffee pods in order to find a solution that would work for me. Mr S and I roughly costed out pods vs ground coffee to find out if it were more worthwhile for the outlay of buying a pod machine than a ground coffee machine. It is. Buuuut whilst Nespresso pods taste delicious, I cannot come at the waste.

Big Red in action. 

My lovely lovely neighbours threw a few Nespresso pods way to try when I first purchased my machine. LORDY ME. THE TASTE. SO GOOD.


My BFF gave me some of her pods to try too, the Piazza D'oro L'Or brand that you can buy at the supermarket. Not as much of a fan, and also the waste factor.

I did a bit more research and found

Tripod Coffee

. I asked, and they kindly sent me a discount code to try some of their pods. Whilst delicious, Mr S and I traditionally like our coffee strong and it has taken a few weeks of trial and error to come to a simple solution... less milk. These pods are household recycling bin-able, once you peel the foil off, dispose of the coffee and rinse them out. Not as time consuming as you might imagine, but still slightly tedious.

I've currently using

EcoCaffe's Ethical Coffee Company

pods, and I made a phone call to ascertain some of the finer points about their pods. They are fully biodegradable in a compost heap/landfill in 180 days and this seems evident to me by the way the coffee pods come out of the machine, slightly soggy and ready for composting. Again, it's been trial and error to make a coffee taste the way I like it, but we've gotten there with Ethical pods. Less milk. I have found that the pods aren't as strong as I would usually make my ground espresso coffees, but I do also presume that over time we've started having our coffee stronger and stronger.

We have toddlers, people.

I ponied up this week and have a larger selection of Ethical Coffee Company pods coming to try. Including shipping, 50 pods is coming to around 84 cents per pod. It's roughly the same as Nespresso pods and Tripod Coffee pods. It's slightly more than around 60 cents for supermarket L'Or pods. It's also perhaps slightly more expensive than ground coffee, but for the taste and environmental factor I'm willing to go the distance.

The one thing I haven't tried yet is the refillable pods.

Crema Joe

popped up in my Instagram feed after I followed Tripod Coffee. Crema Joe have refillable stainless steel pods. I'm keen to try, but I'm also baulking at the cost - $50 for two pods with the stickers required to make them work. It's a double edged sword - if they work, that's an awesome price for a potential lifetime of pod supplies. If they are rubbish - that's a lot of money to waste for some pretty stainless steel thimbles. However they have competitions weekly to win, so I will throw my hat in the ring and cross my fingers.


Crema Joe!

You are quite hard to find on Google. A check for 'Stainless steel refillable pods' did not yield your page at all. I had to search through my Instagram to find your page name.

Things that are worth mentioning:

  • Tripod Coffee is roasted and packed in Australia.
  • Ethical Coffee Company is roasted and packed in France, I think. I don't have a packaging box right now, and I can't easily find the info online. I will update this once I hear back from EcoCaffe.

Usually I'd pick Australian roasted and packed over anything else, however the fact that the Ethical Coffee Company pods are biodegradable makes me for now, choose to use the Ethical Coffee Company pods.

I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about coffee pods and coffee in general, but given the time of the day and my predisposition to insomnia... I'll have a decaf, thanks.

Do you pod? Which pods do you use? What do you recommend? TELL ME EVERYTHING.