Thankful Thursday: The Dusty Blog Edition

Dear Internets, it's not you. It's me.

I've lost interest in the Twitter, and Facebook seems to never refresh fast enough for me. I deleted Twitter off my phone a month or so back, and I haven't missed it. I find it's a medium that requires you to be in constant contact, or none of it makes sense.

What have I been doing instead?

Cuddles. More cuddles. Building blocks. Sewing. Cleaning the house. Oddly enough, quite enjoying cleaning the house. Teaching Millie how to use the kitchen. Watching Pippa roll over for the first time. Listening to Pippa's baby chats. Teaching Millie how to say 'Love'. ('Lub') Hanging with Mr S.

The first year of a baby's life is hard for the parents. I've said this before. It's a year of feeding feeding feeding, sleep deprivation, a lot of infant bodily functions with tiny glimmers of awesomeness. This time, I know this, so I enjoy the awesome (baby cuddles and chats) and attempt to ride through the yucky (Pippa's colicky refluxy screaming for an hour at a time).

I've had my brush with Baby Blues this time, and once I stopped the Mini Pill I slowly returned to normal. There were four weeks where I just couldn't stop crying. It was awful. I must say that thankfully there was no "pane of glass" between me and my babies, I just couldn't stop crying, then I'd cry more because it was so ridiculous.

So, to the Dr that refused to prescribe meds and told me ride it out another week, thank you. I spent a long time weaning off meds years ago, and I don't want to do that again.

I've been SEWING again. I say it with caps, because it makes me so happy. Sorry, SO HAPPY. Millie pulls a chair up to the ironing board (at the non-burny end) and chats to me while I'm sewing. This week she chose two kinds of fabric for 'Millie's Bag, Mum?'. I can't refuse that - and she was SO happy.

I'm thankful for Lady Pippa who is really quite a laid back kind of gal, she fell asleep in her bouncer today whilst we moved all the furniture around for a pest spray, and then slept right through it. Bless. Her eyes? Oh my goodness. I could look at them forever.

No pics here today, you'll have to use your best imagination photos. Why no pics? I've been busy, Internets. Busy cuddling my babies.

Thankful Thursday

Oh man, I started thinking about this while I was doing the washing up and it became an entire Susan Jeffers-esque 'I'm thankful for EVERYTHING right now' style of thing.

But honestly, here's what I'm feeling warm and fuzzie'd by this week.

  • I'm thankful for my surgeon Aisha, who safely delivered Pippa whilst simultaneously cracking jokes with me over the dividing curtain and stitching me up beautifully. She made a potentially scary situation, well, not as scary.
  • For friends who drive insanely long distances just to say hi and kick back on the deck. My friend Beck sent me a text last week saying 'Can I come over? I've got the kids, but I just want to say hi for five minutes.' No sooner had I replied that she pulled into my driveway. It turns out that she was coming and that was that. She ignored the bomb site lounge room, pulled out two giant frozen meals for us, brought us cakes for morning tea and sat with me whilst I fed Lady Pippa. Today my friend Mel and her hubby A2 came for a visit, and whilst their son O played with M, A2 made sausage rolls in my kitchen, gave us some for afternoon tea and put a dozen more in the freezer. Then he did the dishes and tidied the kitchen whilst us ladies gasbagged and swapped around our Bellaboxes. Awesome friends indeed.
  • Our family daycarer, who will go out of her way to drop Millie home on one of her allotted daycare days, and not charge us for the other allotted day as I can't drive Millie to care. She sends home magazines for me to read and is a part of our family down here. We love her lots.
  • For the confidence that being a second time Mum brings. I don't panic (as much) when Lady Pippa hollers the house down, I just turn the TV on and get comfy with her on my chest. It's more stressful when Millie's also hollering the house down... I remember Veggie Mama telling me the most difficult thing she'd found so far was choosing which screaming child to tend to first. Oh, I get it now Stacey.
  • For friends who I can carry on a textual conversation with over an entire day without seeming stalker-like. Ros and Sarah, thank you.
  • I'm thankful for friends that keep sending me LOVELY packages in the post. You make me feel so special and you spoil my little family so very much.
  • On that note, Millie was sent a bracelet by her friend Maggie, and it's so special to her that it requires losing the use of said bracelet arm, just to make sure it stays on. She just made me take it off her arm so she could use both hands for another task.
  • And always, for the insanely wonderful Mr S. He changes nappies at night, he makes me smile when both kiddlywinks are hollering, he does the shopping and buys me a block of chocolate without fail, he goes to work full time so I don't have to, he bolsters my confidence in the middle of the night feedings, and he makes me a cup of tea in bed every morning. Every morning. He's a keeper.
  • Lastly, I'm thankful for Lady Pippa, who is such a mystery, but had stolen my heart from the word go. I didn't think it was possible to have enough love after Millie, but your heart just seems to grow and expand in ways I couldn't imagine.
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Thankful Thursday - A Night Out

You may recall my Thankful Thursday of a few weeks back. Remember the one where I wanted to find something BIG and LIFE AFFIRMING to be thankful about... but the overwhelming gratitude I felt that day was that by the time most of you read it, I had finished my last day at work and was on maternity leave.

I came home from work that day, picked up M from daycare, sat on the couch for a bit and decided there was no way I was cooking and got fish and chips for dinner. Mr S picked up a bottle of wine and we had a sip and clinked glasses towards our future.

Over the course of the next day I had three Ocular Migraines, each getting progressively worse, winding up with me lying in bed, unable to sleep but unable to open my eyes. The next day I woke up with the Headache Hangover (whee! fun times!) and as I supervised Millie's breakfast smearing of weetbix all over the dining table Mr S asked for use of the car. Sure thing. I'm not going anywhere.

Just as he left he said
'Oh! I've organised dinner for tonight! All you have to do is make sure Millie's fed by 6pm. And wear something nice.'

'Oh great!' I thought 'How lovely! He knew I wasn't feeling well and wanted to do something nice.' I spent the day pondering if we were actually going anywhere (No! Ridiculous! We can't afford that!) or were we just having a nice dinner at home (much more likely!). But still, a nice outfit was requested...

When one is 35 weeks pregnant and the size of a house, this is somewhat easier said than done.

I wore this dress, it being the only thing that isn't jeans that fits.
Also FYI L-R: Mr S, M, me & Mothership.

I even shaved my legs. That's how much of an effort I went to. Doesn't sound like much, but my Heavily Pregnant Sistas will understand. I wore this outfit and at 5.55pm decided to brush my hair, because even thought we weren't going anywhere, it would be nice to have brushed my hair more than once in a day. You know?

Mr S ambled through the door at 6pm on the dot, dressed up very handsomely. He packed Millie a bag, instructed me to get in the car, to not worry about makeup please, and just get in the car. Now.

We drove to Millie's daycarer's house, where I was instructed again to stay in the car (I'm a fusspot leaving M) and we were on our way. To dinner. In town.

It transpires that Mr S had organised this with Millie's daycarer about three weeks ago to celebrate my finishing work and have a night out by ourselves before #2 rolled up, put down their kit bag and interfered with our sleep for a period.

Mr S took me a beautiful Greek restaurant, where we stuffed ourselves full of dips and breads and olives and stunning Greek food. We then went to a bar for a drink and fancy dessert. Despite ourselves, our conversation was peppered with baby names and talk of Millie. We did manage to talk of matters other than these... eventually. A movie was contemplated... but there's a high probability I would have fallen asleep. As I demonstrated, falling asleep in the car on the way home.

Wouldn't this be a lovely well rounded blog post if there were pictures of the restaurant, a selfie of Mr S and I, a picture of our dessert (I tried, but Mr S convinced me that no one cares. He's right.) and another selfie at the end of the night? Well, no. I was too busy having fun stuffing my face with Greek dips.

I'm so grateful that Mr S took the time to organise such an event and to keep it a secret from me for so long. M's daycarer didn't breathe a word either. I'm such a lucky lady to have a Mr S in my life.

And now, as baby #2's arrival approaches with the speed of light, Mr S is being even more wonderful than normal. And that's a lot of wonderful.

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: The Ladies in My Life

ah, yes.

Some people have their village close. As in, real life. I live 45km from the City (Hobart), and my closest village friends live 45km the other way from The City. So we're all quite a ways from each other.

Then there's my Online Village. I was just thinking about these lovely ladies today, and how much they all mean to me. Oh, pregnancy hormones, you'll start me sniffling any moment.

My Online Village falls into two groups of women. Let me start with these lovely ladies.

I met Sarah from Dear Baby G when I was heavily pregnant with Millie, and she was almost-heavily pregnant with Maggie. Since then we chat regularly on The Twitter and would furiously email back and forth (I think our record was 10 emails in 5 minutes one day) until we worked out Facebook Chat. Sarah's helped me through the crappy parts of first-year parenthood and made me smile. She and her man, HB, sent Millie gorgeous Christmas and Birthday and Just Because presents, and I do count her among one of my closest buddies. Sarah is also turning into an Uber-Blogger and I respect the way she's built her blog up over the past year or so.

Also, she drunk texts me. Respect.

I've known Melina for years, except I didn't know that I knew her. You see, back in my other life being a wage-earning musician, Melina was the very first person who ever signed up to my mailing list, and she'd faithfully buy every CD via PayPal. We then started chatting on The Twitter, and she said something one day that made me twig that she too was in the very early stages of pregnancy. So there we were. Me with my first, she with her second. We haven't really stopped talking since. Her little man O was born two days before M, and those two will perhaps get married one day. If that's what they want. I can honestly say that without Melina on the other end of the phone I would have been in endless struggletown throughout Millie's first year. 

Mel and I share many hobbies and interests and both had FurChildren before Real Children, and more than once we've realised that We Are Twins. Mel now lives 45km the other side of The City, but we seem to catch up more now. She is an Uber-Mum and I affectionately call her MacGuyMum. Who else would think to packing tape a nappy closed to ensure that the wearer stopped taking it off at night?

Ros from Sew Delicious is a newer addition to my village, but like Melina, I think she and I could be twins. Ros sews like a demon, is also an Uber-Mum to her two gorgeous girls, cake decorates like nobody's business and is such a genuinely kind and lovely person. I wish we lived closer, because I'm sure that our little girls would play destroy the joint so well together and we could drink tea and eat cake.

Stacey from Veggie Mama and I also met when we were heavily pregnant with our first babies. She lives in QLD, not far from my sister, so it was delightful to get to go and see her when I was recently in Queensland. She is also a Very Tall Lady, but seems to hide her babies even better... I present pictorial evidence to you...

Stacey is 38 weeks pregnant here. I am 32. Uhuh.
(Stacey also took this photo)

Laydeepants and I at the recent Etsy meet up in Hobart.
She kept resting her arm on The Bump, said it was comfortable.
We tried to rest a wine glass on there too, but The Bump would not co-operate.

Then there's Laydeepants. Actually, her name is Melanie, and she's the coolest cat around. I met Mel when I first moved to Tasmania. She also sews like a demon, is a way-cool community radio chick, loves live music, has some AWESOME interests, paints amazing things, and is currently riding a pushbike everywhere and training for a 10km run. We have semi-regular Laydee Days, where we craft and chat. Sometimes we just chat. Sometimes we just craft. But I luff her lots and lots.

My other Online Village is my Online Mother's Group. (I'm having a baby brain moment, should that be an apostrophe?) We all met when we were in our pregnancies for March 2011. We started on Essential Baby but none of us could work it on our phones so we switched to Facebook. These ladies rock my world. I don't have a real life mother's group, so these 38 ladies are my lifeline sometimes. I don't say much in there at present, but I read every day, and I'm always so grateful that they're there. After all, when you've got a new baby, it's highly comforting to know that there's 37 other Mums up at 3am too, and a fair chance one of them is online. We're now 18 months into our relationships with each other, and it's lovely that there's still 30-odd of us around.

I am thankful for all of these women. They are there to listen to me, and are always unwavering in their support and friendship. 

Thank you!

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Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: The Truth

I want to write a post that's meaningful and heartfelt about what I'm thankful for today. These are posts to come. But today, I really need to be honest with you.
Wonderful life events aside, my beautiful family aside, my love of chocolate aside, I'm immensely grateful for one thing today.
Today I go on Maternity Leave. As in, it's my last day at work before I take 6 months off.
I'm so grateful for this I cannot put it into words. Because I am tired. Tiiiiiiired. And sore. And huge. And I still have 5ish weeks to go. Can I get much bigger?
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. I have decided one always feels infinitely bigger when one's once-too-big maternity shirts do not cover one's bump anymore. I feel that I am moving past the 'glowing pregnant woman' phase into the 'Good Lord! Look at the size of her!' phase.
I am looking forward to Millie still going to daycare and having some alone time, and I'm also looking forward to sewing a bit more than usual, without the distraction of a nap time coming to a close.
In short, I'm looking forward to not dropping M at daycare at 8isham, driving 40km, parking, going to work for 5 hours, getting back in the car and driving 40kms home, picking up M, getting home, emptying a daycare bag, doing the dishes, sitting down for 30minutes (or being sat on by a wriggly M!), making dinner for M, welcoming home Mr S at 6.15pm, then getting M to bed by 7ish. Then Big People dinner and trying to race to bed to gain maximum sleep before we do it all again at 6am. You know?
I want to crawl into a cave and emerge with a newborn sometime soon.
So today, I am gleefully thankful that the whole game changes, starting now.

Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday - My my myyyyy Caroma!

See what I did there? I know, I'm hilarious and pun-worthy. I'm glad we're on the same page now.

Today I am thankful for this.

Flushing good work, Mr S.

For those of you who haven't been privy to my months of whinging not in the know, back in early May Mr S noticed a spot on the lino in our bathroom, peeled it back and put his hand through the floor. Oh.

What ensued was months of using our second outside loo, an original avocado green 50's number in immaculate condition. The only issue being, well, it's outside. And our second shower, which is housed in the laundry, which is also outside. And it was winter.

There's been many a renovation story on this blog, you can see some of them here. Let's just say there was a lot of complaining on my behalf, and a lot of Mr S working 6 days per week and spending his one day per week on the bathroom. And tilers that took months to turn up, and the Smyth family doing this renovation business all in the wrong order.

That's just how we roll.

In July, our septic tank overflowed, rendering our only working toilet and any plumbing we had, useless. But a day, a lot of money and a Crappy Cowboy later, we were back in business.

But now, this. I was so excited when I realised on Sunday that I had heard the vague sounds of a toilet flushing inside the house that I didn't dare draw breath. Then, when Mr S popped his head into the lounge room and said 'Mark this day on your calendar!' I was so excited I jumped. That's right, both of my 33 week pregnant feet left the floor. Indeed, let's mark this day on the calendar.

I wanted him to sit on the toilet and do 'The Thinker', but he declined.

The plus sides to being heavily pregnant and having a toilet inside are obvious, but it was when I went to the toilet and was followed by a toddler who stood there signing 'nappy', 'toilet' and 'wash hands' at me that I realised how peaceful it had been sneaking out of the house to have a couple of minutes silence...

Nah. I'll take an inside toilet any day.

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: All you need is love

My big & only brother, Ben was married on the weekend. At 36, he is 7 years older than me. When we were little I remember him helping me get ready for bed and playing with me. As he grew older and far more cooler than seven years younger me, we weren't as close. In fact, we weren't really close until we were adults, which I'm sure is fairly typical of such a large age gap.
The turning point for our relationship was the illness and subsequent death of our father, Peter, in 2007. Suddenly it seemed as though something subconsciously clicked and my big brother was suddenly the Man of the Kendall Family. The loss of my father figure was eased ever so slightly by the caring role my brother took on.
Girlfriends came and went for Ben, and there was a few that seemed serious, but none were to last. The running joke with friends and family has always been that he would marry one of his best friends, Daniel or Craig.
Then in 2010, I called Ben when he was getting ready for a date. He'd been seeing a girl named Stacey, whom he met on She was coming over to watch the NBA with him. I think that was when I picked that she might just be The One For Ben.
Together they seemed so happy. Team Smyth were overjoyed, as was everyone who encountered their special bond. When Millie was born Ben flew down for special cuddles and told us how much Stacey loves babies, and perhaps one day...?
In 2011 Ben and Stacey rang us early one morning from Rome. Ben had just knelt down by the Trevi Fountain and asked Stacey for her hand in marriage. She said yes. I cried on the highway on the way to work, just as I'm sniffling at the computer right now.
I honestly thought my brother may just be an eternal bachelor. He's a Young Professional (Kenny, I called you YOUNG!) who enjoys working high flying corporate jobs whilst travelling and cooking gourmet food. He is the most wonderful Uncle any little Millie/#2 Smyth/Kendall Baby could ask for. So on top of all of those things, the idea that he found a fantastic lady to marry was just the icing on the cake. That Ben did not bake, for he does not bake. Cook, yes. Bake, he used to use packet mixes. Blaspheme.
I got to meet Stacey merely hours before their wedding and she was even lovelier and even more gorgeous than I'd seen on Skype and in photos. And then, on the beach in QLD, I watched my brother stand at the end of a pier on a beautifully sunny day watching his beautiful Stacey walk down to meet him and become his wife, he her husband.
I always love watching grooms at weddings, especially when their beloved makes their way to meet them, and this was the most beautiful and touching moment I've ever witnessed at a wedding.
Their vows were sublime and hilarious - he promises to not eat her popcorn, and she promises to go to every Broncos game with him, and they fist pumped at the end. A perfect end to a perfect ceremony. And the reception was even more perfect.
So it really is true. All you need is love, and love is all you need.
How am I thankful for this? I'm ever so thankful that I have Mr S, and now I have seen my sister marry her gorgeous husband, and my brother marry his beautiful wife. Our circle is complete.
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There are no pictures online as requested by the bride and groom. Perhaps once they've got their professional photos back they'll let us take a peek...

Thankful Thursday - Unexpected Kindness

Two weeks ago, I finished work at 2pm, jumped in the car, raced back to my Valley, got to daycare by 3pm, left daycare at 3.20pm (her carer and I chat way too much) and went to Woolworths. I know. Bad time of day. There was no food in the house. What to do?

I was looking a little like this size-wise, but not fresh and glowing. More tired, full of flu, with several bits
of hair stuck to my face.
To her credit, M was VERY tolerant of being strapped into the trolley as we went around to do the food shopping. I haven't embraced online food shopping just yet, as the delivery fee is around $13, and the supermarket is 2km from home. I just can't bring myself to do it yet. When Baby #2 comes along, I will be prepaying weeks in advance, I'm sure.

An elderly gentleman smiled kindly at us every aisle as we passed our trolleys and I was grateful to have someone to smile at. Millie demanded my shopping list, so I tore my list off and gave her the blank notepad and a pen. I found another pen in my handbag, but it wouldn't work, so I was marking off my list by punching holes in the paper. Then feeding M another biscuit. And a drink. Taking the drink back. Another biscuit. No, it's my list, you've got yours.

Look Millie, the trolley is a car! Brrrrmmmmmm! Brrrrrrm Brrrrm!

Yes, I'm that parent.

By the second last aisle she was antsy and very sick of being confined to a trolley. My little lady likes her freedom. She grabbed a packet of cheese slices out of the trolley and proceeded to chew on the wrapping, holding it out to me. You want to eat cheese around the supermarket? Sure thing.

Yes, I'm that parent. At least it's not chocolate.

We make it through the checkout where Millie demands OUT of the trolley. Like, NOW. So I have a full trolley, a purse in one hand that's being rifled through by a toddler, a toddler in my other arm and a bump the size of Texas whose ligaments have pulled beyond belief in the past ten minutes.

To the butcher. Which is thankfully on the way out of the shopping centre.

I still have M in one arm and a full trolley and the bump. The elderly gentleman passes me again and gives me a knowing, warm smile, which gladdens my heart. He's been here before.

At the butcher, the assistant and I are on 'Hello' terms. She is German and her manner is very formal, but we have a smile and joke about the weather. She packs up our meat and I fumble with my purse, toddler and trolley, dropping my purse underneath the trolley. I decide to pick it up before I leave, but the elderly gentleman sees this, stops his trolley in the doors to the shopping centre, limps over, grabs onto my trolley, gets on his hands and knees and retrieves it for me, before I realise what's even happened.

'Sir! Oh my! Thank you! Please don't, I can get it in a minute! Oh thank you so much!'

He gives me another knowing warm grin and continues on his way.

You're both far too kind!

The shop assistant comes running around from behind the counter, grabs my trolley, asks me where my car is and insists on taking the trolley to the car for me. She tells me that she had three kids under 6, and remembers how hard it can be wrangling all of the things at once. She lights up with recognition of early parenting days and I almost cry from sheer gratefulness.

At the car I thank her and go to strap Millie in so I can put the groceries in the boot. As I say I'm doing this I turn around and she's organising the groceries in my boot, telling me to remember that she popped my purse in with the bread, and my handbag is to the right. She takes the trolley and wishes me a good day. I could have kissed her.

She understands. And I would have done exactly the same thing for another stranger, but it's hard to accept that people will do these things for me. I don't know why, but it is. I'm so grateful for her, and her business has won my custom for all time.

But it's not about business. It's about a stranger, helping another stranger, because they can.

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(and incidentally, I just finished a hot cup of tea BY MYSELF. No one else in the house is awake yet. Oh, glory day!)

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Thankful Thursday: The Quiet Courier and the Tenuous Day Nap

This is what sunshine looks like.

My little lady was a cat-nap only kind of gal for the longest time. Then she turned into a two nap per day girl, with each being almost two hours. Heavenly.

Then, she grew up into the toddler-lady that she is right now. One nap only. Thanks. At daycare, 3-4 hours at a time. At home we've been lucky if she will sleep for an hour. Let me also say that in all of our time together she has never slept for 3-4 hours at home. Never.

And there's me. I appear to be very much related to my mother, who will answer the phone in spite of whatever she's doing, sometimes just to tell me that she's busy and she'll call me back.

If someone knocks on our door I will usually jump to get the door. After all, this is The Country, so it must be important, yes?

The truth is, if it's not someone we're expecting, it's often Jehovah's Witnesses, who drive around The Country door knocking. Now that's believing in your cause.

Yesterday when BNHQ* rumbled to life with a sports exhaust kind of welcome, Millie awoke suddenly half an hour into her sleep. Awoke is the wrong word. JUMPED AWAKE AND STARTED SCREAMING is perhaps more accurate. Poor poppet. I picked her up and we just sat in the darkness of her room, listening to her music mobile and cuddling. I was prepared to call it on the nap, and we'd just grit our teeth through the afternoon (7 hours until bedtime....argh). Then I heard it.

Knock, knock.

So softly I wasn't sure if it was the wind on the screen door or not, there was a knock at the front door. As I heard this knock I looked down and noticed Millie almost conked out again. Unheard of.

I decided to let the door go. I thought it was perhaps one of the tradesman who have been fixing our bathroom, and that they would wait a few minutes. No one was coming between my Millie and her unheard of continuation of nap.

Millie closed her eyes and went back to see her friends The Snoozebears. I tiptoed out of the room and went to the door to see what had happened. And that's when I saw it.

The polite knocking had been from a courier. Perhaps they saw the car seat in the car and kid paraphernalia everywhere, and being parents themselves realised that it was possibly nap-time, so not the best time to announce one's arrival. Perhaps they knocked louder than I realised and I didn't hear it. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

I'm so thankful that they didn't give me a KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, only to hand me a parcel. I like to think it was my above 'Couriers as Parents' theory and they decided it didn't need to be signed for after all, so they wedged it in my screen door.

Today, I'm thankful for the politeness of strangers, who really made my afternoon so much easier. Little M snoozed on for another hour or so and woke up full of sunshine.

What are you thankful for today?

*BNHQ: Bogan Neighbour HeadQuarters. Our loud neighbours across the road, who seem to squeeze about 5 people into a 1.5 bedroom house. 

Thankful Thursday : Moogle & Independence

This week is a bit light hearted on my behalf. It's been a crappy week of sleep and illness in the Smyth household.

The sleep has maybe perhaps sorted it out for M, although I feel like I'll have Pregomnia forever... Or perhaps just the next ten weeks or so?

Millie reminds me to take a moment and laugh. She is a pint sized whirlwind who finds delight in spinning around in a circle, touching the cat's ears, walking around the house with one of her many play telephones saying
'Hello? Um, ummmmm, um. Baaaa! Mmmmmm. Nana. Nay nay. Um. Yes. Bye bye!'. A rough translation (and perhaps why it's so amusing) is this:
'Hello? Um, ummmmm, um. Sheep! Cows! Banana! Horse! Um. Yes. Bye!'

Who couldn't love that? I also overheard her having an imaginary phone conversation with Mr S - there was lots of 'Daddy!' in there too.

I have succumbed to the Man Flu that has been circling our house for five weeks now, and I thought I'd escaped unscathed. When I am ill, it is truly a Man Flu. I need attention, cups of tea, and someone to pat my head. When I am lying on the floor in state, M comes up and pats my giant belly. Unfortunately, it's not quite the same. Close, but no lily pad.

On Tuesday morning I caught the early bus to work after precious little sleep and a head full of flu. I was well on my way to a crappy day when I received a message from Mr S with the following picture and the text simply said 'Moogle.'

And the independence. Well, M can now climb on to our dining chairs and sit herself at the dining table, often unbeknownst to us. She's also recently discovered what the iPad is ('Ooooh! Wow!' she says) and Mr S found her googling away merrily with my iPad, that I'd carefully placed in the middle of the dining table. (I.e out of tiny hands reach...)
I also found this window in the same browser session too:

I mean, what's up with that Google? No results? Piffle.
It's now referred to as Moogling, and I will be activating the parental controls on my iPad ASAP. If little lady is anything like her Mummy, the Internet shopping world is her oyster.

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