Mrs Smyth Made This

I stopped writing about craft, and well, everything for a time. My life just didn't seem interesting enough to devote the time to sitting down and collating posts. I was tired and blogging was on the wane for me.

This has started to shift again. I suppose everything has it's seasons and now it's time to write a little bit more. This shift began when I realised that in the past 5 days I have made...

Deer and Doe Plantain with long sleeves

Deer and Doe Plantain with 3/4 sleeves

Bolster cushion for my bed

And I have continued quilting my Marmalade quilt but have run out of thread until I can make another trip to buy some more. I have also begun a charm square mini quilt with M, who asked oh so politely if I could teach her to use my sewing machine. So far she's sewed together three rows of squares, I pressed and joined the rows for her. She's very good at sitting on my lap and patiently guiding her fabric through the machine, keeping her hands well clear of the needle. She knows how to raise and lower the needle and put the foot down. I control the foot pedal and she guides. I'd never leave her alone with my machine, but I'm so proud that she wants to learn to sew.

The Juniper pants by Colette are next. I've had the pattern and the fabric for almost twelve months, but I kept waiting for the next 5kg, or to feel brave enough to try. The time has come where I feel confident, and my only pair of jeans have developed a second hole. It is time. 

What have you been making? Tell me everything.

Again, the point form update.

Source: Facebook. I'd love to know where it's originally from, can you help?
Is this perhaps the post where you're not entirely sure that you've got much to say... but here's a template so let's give it a crack?

Making : Five pairs of trousers for DMM, who has shot up 2cm in the past four weeks.
Cooking : Jelly, Peppa Pig birthday cake, caramel slice.

The two semesters of cake decorating classes I took
were freakin' invaluable in a case like this.

Drinking : water, decaf tea, real tea, coffee.
Reading: I've just finished Rich Rolls' Finding Ultra and I love his passion for life and exercise challenges. He lost me at the end with his advice to mix up a green smoothie in the morning and sip at it over the course of the day so as to not eat food that will not best serve your athletic goals. Or eat a baked potato instead. I like real food.
Wanting: the girls to stop talking to each other and go to sleep. They've been sharing a room for four days and it's gone relatively smoothly... relatively.
Looking: outside at the misty hills and the rain.
Playing: Spotify. How did I completely miss out on Spotify until now? HOW?
Wasting: Time. Still toddler food.
Sewing: Trousers for DMM, a birthday dress for DMM, and three t-shirts for myself. I've just bought a stretch twin needle so I imagine that will make it easier.
Wishing: that my non-training days had as much energy as my training days.
Enjoying: watching documentaries about ultrarunning and trail running.
Waiting: for the girls to go to sleep...
Liking: the look of the couch right now...
Wondering: decaf tea or should I chance a Big Girl tea due to sewing night tonight?
Loving: Mr S' eyes. I never tire of looking into them.
That my tomatoes ripen.
A tiny amount of the tomatoes from my garden. I've got 23 plants out there, people.

Marvelling: At myself - at the beginning of the year I couldn't run 50 metres without huffing and puffing, and now Louise & I run 5km in a hit.
Louise and I all loved up after our first fun run.
Needing: Sleeeeeep.
Smelling: Wood fire burning and my new laundry liquid.
Wearing: My wedding rings, which are too big now.
Following: The new awesome FB running group.
Noticing: My posture.
Knowing: That chocolate does not cure all, but I still like to give it a red hot crack.
Thinking: Teeeaaaaaa.
Feeling: Grateful for marvellous neighbours.
Bookmarking: Clothing patterns.
Opening: my mind to setting long term exercise goals. A first for me!
Giggling: at Millie climbing on my lap to whisper 'secrets' into my ears... which are simply silent movements of her mouth and then right at the end she whispers 'I really love you. I love you. I love you Mummy.'
Feeling: Happy, exhausted and content.

Want to play along? I stole this one from Foxs Lane. Such beautiful pictures and stories.

If you need me, I'll be cuddling my new sewing machine and stroking my Kindle.

At least, that's what I said to friends on my 30th birthday. The reality was more "If you need me I'll be sitting on my lounge room floor holding a baby who won't sleep and partied from 12-2am then from 5am onwards, sitting next to a toddler who also woke at 5am. She's watching every episode of Peppa Pig ever produced on the iPad. And I'm holding my Kindle."

So it was safe to say that my days of a lavish, hedonistic birthday are well behind me. This year I turned 30 and was absolutely spoiled rotten by both sides of my family - they all pitched in and purchased me a new Janome sewing machine. Her name is Janine, and she's beautiful. She's far more detailed and fancy than my Elna could ever dream of being, and does amazing things like auto lock stitching and one touch buttonholes. I'm fairly sure she does more than that, but my days of spending ALL day playing with new birthday presents are also well behind me. I snatch 35min blocks here and there among Pippa's catnapping day schedule, and am mostly sleep deprived from staying up late quilting. The sewing shop that Mr S purchased Janine from offers free lessons, so I'll be heading in there soon to get a bigger overview. May I just point out that Mr S chose Janine with no assistance - the man is amazing.

Lucy loves Janine too.

Kindle rocks my world.

And a Kindle. Mr S bought me a Kindle and MY GOODNESS ME I am a convert. My brother is a walking advertisement for Kindles, but I never really got it. I mean, why would you choose to read a screen when you could touch a book. The answer is, you'd choose to read a screen that doesn't feel like you're reading a screen (no eye strain!) and you can do it one handed whilst feeding a small child or whilst having "Quiet Time" (Peppa Pig is on) with a toddler. The books are also much cheaper than print books and I'm fairly sure I just lost my job in a bookshop with that last phrase.

The Kindle rocks my world. I'm actually reading books again, after a long hiatus of not reading much at all, or re reading books I already owned because I never got to go to a shop to buy books since being on maternity leave.

If you'd care to see my Kindle Wish List, you may find it here. If you have any suggestions of books I might enjoy reading, please let me know! I'm still a book browser, and I find it hard to browse online. If only there was somewhere that sold Kindle books and I could ask a friendly shop assistant "If I liked this, what should I read next?" - ah, the online shopping lament, no?

Mrs Smyth Creates #6... and the Crafty Create Link Up

Oh golly. These last few weeks have been seriously sew-free. It makes me sad, so I fired up the trusty machines again and the craft room looks like a bomb site... all is well in craft land.

While I haven't been sewing, I've been organising. And cleaning my house. Who knew scrubbing a stove was so satisfying? I did tell Mr S that the stove has been scrubbed within an inch of it's life by me (Mum does it every time she visits, never fear) twice while we've been living here. Yup, you guessed it. Pregnancy makes me clean. MUST. SCRUB.

But here's what I've been crafting and sewing recently...

I was gifted these epic bags of fabric...
yes. I know I have a problem.

I decided it was high time I made my own bias binding.

Success! My technique needs tweaking, but we got there in the end.

Pattern pieces for my new handbag. It's Simplicity 2381 if you were interested.

I made play doh for my little lady. This set of photos was taken in 5 minutes.

I made my own fabric labels, using Ros from Sew Delicious' tutorial.
PS. Ros is an absolute sweetheart.  I want to make her cups of tea all day.
Also, she's selling some ace vintage fabric in her Etsy shop. Go and take a peep!
(not that I'd know. I don't need any more fabric. *cough*)

Label hastily crookedly sewn on. May or may not be to disguise
a bias binding boo boo. (BBBB)

Bag front starting to come together. My goodness I love this fabric.

Finally, my sewing helper. She sits on my lap and now pretends to
sew as well. I almost died of the cute.
So, what have you been up to these last few weeks? I'd love you to link up your crafty posts!
Grab the button and pop it in your post, and link up down the bottom. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Mrs Smyth Gets a Life

Crafty Wednesday : Organisation

Artfully blurred fabric shelf.
I admit, I don't often think carefully about organising a room or craft area until I'm in the thick of it. Then I realise I can't find anything and it actually looks quite messy, and something must be done about it. Immediately. Then I often have a cup of tea and forget about it. Until I need to find something, then it's an immediate nightmare.

Enter my Craft Room. It's actually the dining room, but we don't dine in there often (ever). When I began sewing more often Mr S suggested it would be a great room for sewing in. We set up some bookshelves for fabric and Mr S created a nook for my sewing machine and overlocker to live in.

Admittedly, I'd already started pulling everything out to tidy...
but it wasn't far from this in the beginning. Eek!
As I began to sew more the fabric expanded. And expanded. And I realised I had a fabric problem. 'Hi, my name is Amy, and I cannot leave any bolt of fabric unfondled.'

I started looking around for lovely ways to store ones fabric. I found a few tutorials, but nothing was going to work for my little space.

I had seen Emily from Joyful Abode's fabric shelf, and asked her how she wound her fabric. She pointed me towards these comic book boards on Amazon, but the price and shipping to Australia was not worthwhile. I talked to my friends at Spicer's Paper, but to get the amount of board I needed shipped and trimmed was going to cost more than I was willing to pay.

I mentioned my project to my friend Wolfgang, who does his own framing for his jaw-droppingly beautiful photography. He ducked out to his studio and came back with an armful of foam core board offcuts. Exactly what I needed! Thankfully Wolfie's 'offcuts' are neatly trimmed, all same size long lengths of foam core board.

I started trimming the board to 12-12.5in lengths (30-31cm) and taking my larger pieces of fabric and winding them around. Angels sang. It looks so tidy and professional and is oh so easy to do. Given the placement of my bookshelf I'll need to make a curtain for the bookshelf to protect the fabric from the sun.

Winding... winding.
(Sadly, I really enjoyed this part!)
After I'd used all the board I realised that I still had a disgusting amount of fabric that needed winding, and a lot of really disorganised crates of fabric offcuts and smaller pieces.

I started being ruthless and throwing smaller odd shaped pieces out, which is hard for a 'One day I'll use that' packrat like myself. I also made a basket of Fat Quarters and Not Quite Fat Quarters. I emptied my Sewing Book basket, only to find seven notebooks and three sewing books. That was easy to organise! I also had a stash of crochet and knitting books that I'm finding new homes for.

I had to find new homes in our one storage cupboard in the house for my letterpress kit and Epic Six die cutting machine. I felt like I was on fire, for usually by the time objects need rehoming I begin to hyperventilate and need a good lie down. Once this was completed I fist pumped the air, removed Millie from the linen cupboard and thought about eating some biscuits.

It is by no means completed - there's another basket of fabric to be wound and pinned, which will lead to reorganising the shelves again in order to fit the wound fabric boards on.

Top shelf:
Towelling for bibs and wound fabric.
Second shelf: tub of fabric to be wound, basket of fat quarters and not quite fat quarters, and basket of wadding and interfacing.
Third shelf: machine pedals, basket of projects on the go and completed projects.
Bottom shelf: a bag of stuffing, my nail kit, my Music Memories box and my Family Memories Box. You can see they've been Millie'd.
Left: Ironing board.
Right: Thick wadding for dolly quilts, my mending pile (oh my) and my overlocker box.

I'm somewhat ashamed to say I really enjoyed cleaning up my area. It makes me want to spend more time in there, crafting and sewing. Or just writing lists.

How do you organise your craft area? Sewing, paper crafts, crochet or knitting - tell me about it!

Mrs Smyth Creates. #5... A bib for Millie... (tutorial)

The time had come. Millie will only eat breakfast if she feeds herself, so with Weetbix the consistency of Clag glue, she feeds herself merrily. Suddenly breakfast got much easier for us.
But then I started having to wipe Weetbix off her legs every morning, despite sitting in the high chair with a bib on and the tray covering her legs. It was New Bib Time.

I couldn't fathom paying $10 for two cheap bibs that would stain and have velcro on the straps (that Millie just rips off when she's sick of eating whatever is in front of her), so I decided to make my own.
I grabbed one of our bibs I did like, made some changes and made a pattern.

Then I couldn't stop. It's a bit addictive, you see?

Many bibs. Much fun. A view of M's toys too. Lucky you.
These are not your ordinary bib. In fact, on a bub smaller than Millie, it could well be a dress. When Millie is standing, these drops to below her waist, and has full shoulder pad coverage, should one's outfit be stylin' enough to rock some shoulderpads circa 1985.

So here's what I did.

Download the pattern here.

1x 50cm x 35cm fabric for the front of the bib. (A fat quarter is ace)
1x 50cm x 35cm towelling /flannel for the reverse of the bib.
Any trims you'd like to add.
One or more snap fastener sets, or velcro if you like.
Scissors and sticky tape to put the pattern together.

  1. Print out both pages of the pattern and cut page two on the dotted line. Secure this to page 1 on the dotted line with your sticky tape. Cut the pattern out and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Perhaps have a biscuit at the same time.
  2. Fold your front bib fabric in half and pin the pattern, with the piece marked 'Fold', hard against the fold of your fabric. Cut.
  3. Do the same for your towelling fabric. You could have another biscuit here, but I'd recommend waiting until you've pinned everything together.
  4. Iron your front fabric. Using a ballpoint pen, chalk or dressmaker's marker, transfer where the snaps will go corresponding with the pattern piece. Alternatively (i.e what I do) grab your toddler and measure with your fabric piece around their neck.
  5. If you're adding trims, now is the time! Pin your trims in place and sew on.
  6. Line up the towelling fabric on the reverse of your front fabric and iron from the middle out. I do this because I find once I've cut towelling it shrinks a little bit, so by ironing it from centre out you can get it to line up with the front fabric.
  7. Pin the towelling to the front fabric, leaving a 15cm gap in the bottom of the bib. This is where you'll pull the bib through itself once you've sewed around the sides.
  8. Starting from one end of the gap, sew all around the bib using a 1/8" seam allowance. On my machine this is lining up the outside of the sewing machine foot with the outer edge of fabric.
  9. Trim your corners close to the stitches. I trim all the way around with my pinking shears.
  10. Turn your bib inside out. Poke out the corners to get a clean line. Have a biscuit!
  11. Iron the bib firmly and turn the seam allowance in the gap at the bottom of bib up inside and press flat with your iron.
  12. Starting from halfway down the long edge of the bib, topstitch very close to the edge all the way around the bib to give a neat finish. Iron again.
  13. Add your fasteners and you're ready for meal times!
  14. Have another biscuit. You deserve it.
What have you been creating this last little while? Link up to share your crafty joy! Also, grab the new fun button and display it on your site. Sharing is cool, yo!

Mrs Smyth Gets a Life

Refuelling. Or, it's the process, not the product.

I confess. I've been a grumpy grumpleston. For WEEKS now. Mr S keeps alternating between gently asking me what's wrong and making unsubtle hints that perhaps I could fix whatever's making me grumpy. Then there was this morning, where he said 'Can you please try to be happy? You have a very nice life you know. You know?' Between the gastro that will not die and Terrible-Twos-But-I'm-Only-One M... I need more sleep. I don't make time for more sleep. I need some craft time. I don't make craft time. This is all a product of my own doing.

But he's right - things around here are actually Very Nice. So I found some things to smile about (the gorgeousness that is M in a shopping trolley with her handbag on, swinging her feet and grinning) and bought some soul food (two varieties of hot cross buns and an unholy amount of Easter eggs), came home, lit the fire, put M to bed and forgot about the housework.

Well, that's not strictly true. I did the bare minimum of washing up and toys away whilst M was awake. Then it was ME time.

I've been reading a lot of posts about creativity and having 'me' time as a parent, and I thought I had it licked. I tried really hard to love housework and find some occasional time for crafty pursuits. I have a laser focus at times, and housework became my laser focus. Except I'm really quite bad at housework, so it kind of became my laser focus. I abhor cleaning the bathroom so much I leave it until the sink becomes a personality all on it's own and threatens to eat the hand towels... But I found myself pondering the best way to clean the light switches, with a nail brush or a sponge? (the jury is still out, I haven't tried a nail brush yet.)

But I forced myself to cut out a bag pattern and start creating again. I left it in full view on the craft table  but over this week it got covered in bills, and M's daycare bag and some craft books. This morning I put the already paid bills in the fire and M's bag on the floor.

I switched Radio National on because I'm old like that and started sewing. And kept sewing. M kept sleeping. I threw some more wood on the fire and kept sewing.

And this appeared.
Teal Butterfly Clutch Bag, based upon Cuada design.
Whilst I love the butterfly fabric, this one's not for me. It's not really my style. Is it for you? Do you want it to be? It'll eventually wind up in my imaginary Etsy shop for sale. *

I felt a sense of completion and an amazing sense of calm. Relaxed and able. The rain is pouring, wind howling, but the house is warm and I can hear the radio in the background. A simple time. A quiet time.

Sewing isn't necessarily always about the product, but it's the process. It's the same as songwriting in a way, (which I've been doing a spot of recently too...), but songwriting is more a cathartic experience, to craft and tell a story. Something about sewing is more rote and mindless.

It makes me feel restored. I've had a brilliant couple of hours that has made me feel like I've stolen some time back and I feel a little more like me.

Tell me, how do you refuel? Is it the process or the product? Why is the sky blue?

*This Teal Butterfly Clutch Bag is $30 + $6.60 PH. Handmade with love. A brilliant gift.

Happy Valentines Day shirt - a tutorial.

So I'm still a complete novice new to this sewing malarkey, but I thought I'd share how I played a little game with a T-Shirt I like to call 'Pimp My Shirt'. Or a refashion as the crafty types would say.
Millie has this awesome black Bonds crew neck shirt that fit like a dream and is SO soft and delicious to have her wear... she just looked like a boy every time she wore it. Mr S requested that I make it look a little more girly. Sure thing!
I went through the Clothes I Don't Want To Throw Out and Surely I Could Do Something With Them pile and found a pair of shorts that weren't really Millie's style and perhaps destined for Vinnies.
We don't really do Valentines Day in our house, but I thought it'd be sweet to make this and take Millie to Mr S' work and show her off.

Step 1: I lightly pressed the shirt and pinned the bows from the shorts on the sleeves. At this point I put a ballpoint needle into my machine, because I knew I'd get distracted and forget later on. A ballpoint needle is essential for stretch and knit fabrics.

Step 2: I cut the waistband off the shorts and cut through one of the leg seams, making one big piece of fabric. I ironed this to make it sit flat.

Step 3: Cut the shorts into roughly 1inch strips using a rotary cutter. It also appears I didn't take a photo of these strips. Run a gathering stitch all the way down the centre of the strips and pull the bobbin thread to make cute little ruffly strips. A gathering stitch is just the longest stitch your machine can make.

Step 4: I wanted a heart shape on my shirt so I arranged the strips into a heart shape just see how it'd look. Cute as a button, that's how it will look.

Step 5: Realise that Millie has decided to only take a tiny nap this morning, not a sleep as is her usual pattern. Bring her out to the sewing room and give her a box to play with.

Step 6: Wonder what that sound is and realise that Millie is eating the cardboard box. Stop pinning, remove box from child's tiny person and give her a Cruskit instead. Back to pinning. Wonder why Millie didn't sleep that long and also acknowledge that you can hear her whinging to herself.

Step 7: I pinned the outer layer of the heart into place, then using a stretch stitch on my machine I stitched through the centre of the heart ruffle all around the shape. Realise baby is wiping soggy Cruskit all over the leg of my jeans as I'm pressing the machine foot.

Step 8: I then stopped and realised I'd sewn part of the shirt together. Unpick and keep going.

Step 9: See how great it looks?

 Step 10: I pinned the next layer of ruffles in place and carefully sewed around, this time taking care not to sew the shirt together.

Step 11: Make sure you use the right needle weight for what you're doing. I learned this the broken bent needle hard way.

Step 12: Have a break because baby has been super patient but now needs a cuddle. Realise she has been whinging because she's come down with a sudden cold. Runny nose and temperature. Sad face.

Step 13: Pin the last layer of ruffles into place and sew sew sew!


Step 14: Hand stitch the bows in place and know that hand stitching is work of the devil.

Step 15: Admire your handiwork. Finish your cup of coffee and wipe the baby's nose again.

Step 16: Ask Millie to kindly model your creation. I understand that there are some babies that sit still? I do not have one of these. Enjoy my blurry photography.

I'm remarkably proud of myself and want to show this off to everyone. I am no longer afraid of cotton knit fabric and will not attempt all manner of knit projects. YOU DON'T NEED TO HEM KNIT FABRIC. I KNOW, amazing right?

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

Err. No pictures today. We've all succumbed to the 'Baby doesn't sleep, so we all don't sleep so we all get sick. We can't get better because the baby doesn't sleep, so we don't sleep.' dance that is part and parcel of parenthood.

It all began a few weeks back when Millie developed the purple spots on her feet, which was thought to be perhaps Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. However, no blisters developed and she took a good week or so to recover, so we chalked it up to a cold. In the middle of that I began to feel awful, so I had a few rest days from work and laid on the couch, or sewed.

In hindsight, I'd been unwell for awhile, but I'm either a complete hypochondriac or denial queen. So when I look back I think
'Two days of chills? Sick.' I thought it was odd, but whatever.
'Aching joints and muscles? Sick.' I thought it was from walking up hills.
'Exhausted but unable to sleep? Sick.' I thought I was just being an idiot.
'Aching, tight chest and wheezing? Sick.' I thought it was weird, but it'd go away.

It was only when this went on and on, I lost my voice ('Hallelujah!' I hear everyone I know say.), couldn't stop coughing and got worse and worse that I thought perhaps something was really up. I went to the chemist for some cough suppressant and the Pharmacist looked me in the eye and said 'Are you short of breath?'
Me: 'No.'
Her: 'You're wheezing.'
Me: 'No. Really?'
Her: 'Yes. Please go to the doctor.'
Me: 'Naw. I'm fine. Can I have some cough suppressant please? This cough is giving me the shits. Everyone else in my household is sleeping and I AM NOT.'
Her: 'Really. Please. I'm not giving you a cough suppressant. I'm thinking Bronchitis or Pneumonia. Go the doctor please.'
Me: 'Mutter mutter.'

I took myself to the Dr the next day and after she quizzed me about Whooping Cough immunisations (we all are) she took a sample for testing and gave me antibiotics to deal with the bronchitis. Then the Pharmacist gave me some cough suppressant. Praise jeebus. I also had to send Mr S and Millie to be tested for Whooping Cough, and while Mr S also has Bronchitis, Millie has an ear infection.

This is one of those times I feel like a dumb parent.

Dr: 'Has she been tugging her ear?'
Me: 'Um. Yes. But she does that all the time.'
Dr: 'Yeeeah. Ear infection. I'm surprised you didn't know sooner.'
Me: 'Oh. Huh.' We thought she was the brightest she'd been for weeks.

Then the same train of thought happened.

Millie shaking her head all the time? Ear infection.
Millie pulling her ear and looking sad? Ear infection.
More importantly: MILLIE NOT SLEEPING FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS. Ear infection.

That's enough FFS for today.

Shiny Things Friday
Being sick really sucks. But endless episodes of Castle, How I Met Your Mother and Mythbusters does not.

In the midst of all this illness, Mr S sent me to sleep in the spare room for a night to try and get some rest. I do secretly think he was sick of all my coughing, but at any rate I don't think I've ever made a bed so quickly in my entire life. I starfished and put the radio on my iPad, prepared for a full 8 hours of sleep. It didn't happen. I hacked and spluttered and still woke up to the baby crying minutes before Mr S did. Bless his heart, sending me away was possibly the nicest thing he could have ever done.

Speaking of Mr S, contrary to my belief that I am a gracious and low-maintenance patient, I have realised that I am not. I am the biggest grumpy grumpleston out. I think I'm lucky to still have a husband. He's lucky I'm feeling better now.

To further feed my sewing addiction I just packed Millie in the car and we drove up to the local curtain shop. When we entered my heart leapt with joy at the ENTIRE WALL OF BEAUTIFUL FABRICS. Everything I could have possibly needed or wanted. Relatively well priced, but if it means I never need to go to Spotlight again, I'm a happy gal. It just got better when she led us out to her workroom, pulled up a giant bin of fabric samples and told me to take whatever I wanted. Then when I enquired about magnetic fasteners she nipped back out with handfuls of fasteners and explained to me how they all worked. And then when I admired some of the fabric being made into curtains she sold it to me, as well as another remnant oh so very cheaply. I love small towns for this level of service. And it was made all the better by the fact she carried it all out to my car and wished me a Merry Christmas. She's got my business.

Big cuddles with Millie. I held her close this morning when she couldn't sleep and we swayed around the bedroom with her snuggled oh so tightly into me, and I kissed her face until she slept. Man, she smells good. I want to catalogue that smell forever.

How's your week? What's the FFS? What are the Shiny Things?

Mrs Smyth... is bitten by the sewing bug.

Someone send help. I can't stop sewing.

I didn't let my lack of sewing skills stop me. I read the Apron Pattern (it's a Simplicity one) several times, sewed things, unpicked things, ironed lots and went slooowly. And that is quite a departure from my usual smash and grab crafty pursuits. This took time. And I loved it.

These are special christmas presents for special little people and I think they'll like them. Now, Millie certainly needs an apron, and I can think of other little people who do as well.

Aside from anything else about the aprons, check out the pleats above. PLEATS. I love them.

Someone pointed out to me that Etsy sell sewing patterns... oh dear. It's purses next I think.

What's your latest sewing/crafty obsession?