40 weeks...

Yesterday when I woke up this is how I looked.
Meet Pippa Jane Smyth. She came into our lives at 9.15am yesterday morning, 2nd November 2012.
She required an exit via the sunroof, and at 4.7kg... Let's just say I'm quite relieved that she was a Sunroof Entry into the world. It's been decided that Mama Smyth don't make no small babies.
Pippa smells delicious and has Mr S and I wrapped around her little tiny fingers and toes. She is so far the identical image of newborn Millie, resplendent in her rosebud mouth and chubby chubby chins.
Millie is exceptionally taken with her little sister and is enjoying all the spoiling that comes with having Nanny and Poppy Smyth AND GrandMarg in the house. When they came to visit yesterday, Millie chased her banana cake (GrandMarg) with 3 Oreo cookies that she spotted on my tray table and I heard there was some treats from Nanny Smyth as well. Sugar, Toddler be thy name.
I'm off to PippaWatch and have another cup of tea. Zzzzzzzzzz.

Crafty Wednesday : Organisation

Artfully blurred fabric shelf.
I admit, I don't often think carefully about organising a room or craft area until I'm in the thick of it. Then I realise I can't find anything and it actually looks quite messy, and something must be done about it. Immediately. Then I often have a cup of tea and forget about it. Until I need to find something, then it's an immediate nightmare.

Enter my Craft Room. It's actually the dining room, but we don't dine in there often (ever). When I began sewing more often Mr S suggested it would be a great room for sewing in. We set up some bookshelves for fabric and Mr S created a nook for my sewing machine and overlocker to live in.

Admittedly, I'd already started pulling everything out to tidy...
but it wasn't far from this in the beginning. Eek!
As I began to sew more the fabric expanded. And expanded. And I realised I had a fabric problem. 'Hi, my name is Amy, and I cannot leave any bolt of fabric unfondled.'

I started looking around for lovely ways to store ones fabric. I found a few tutorials, but nothing was going to work for my little space.

I had seen Emily from Joyful Abode's fabric shelf, and asked her how she wound her fabric. She pointed me towards these comic book boards on Amazon, but the price and shipping to Australia was not worthwhile. I talked to my friends at Spicer's Paper, but to get the amount of board I needed shipped and trimmed was going to cost more than I was willing to pay.

I mentioned my project to my friend Wolfgang, who does his own framing for his jaw-droppingly beautiful photography. He ducked out to his studio and came back with an armful of foam core board offcuts. Exactly what I needed! Thankfully Wolfie's 'offcuts' are neatly trimmed, all same size long lengths of foam core board.

I started trimming the board to 12-12.5in lengths (30-31cm) and taking my larger pieces of fabric and winding them around. Angels sang. It looks so tidy and professional and is oh so easy to do. Given the placement of my bookshelf I'll need to make a curtain for the bookshelf to protect the fabric from the sun.

Winding... winding.
(Sadly, I really enjoyed this part!)
After I'd used all the board I realised that I still had a disgusting amount of fabric that needed winding, and a lot of really disorganised crates of fabric offcuts and smaller pieces.

I started being ruthless and throwing smaller odd shaped pieces out, which is hard for a 'One day I'll use that' packrat like myself. I also made a basket of Fat Quarters and Not Quite Fat Quarters. I emptied my Sewing Book basket, only to find seven notebooks and three sewing books. That was easy to organise! I also had a stash of crochet and knitting books that I'm finding new homes for.

I had to find new homes in our one storage cupboard in the house for my letterpress kit and Epic Six die cutting machine. I felt like I was on fire, for usually by the time objects need rehoming I begin to hyperventilate and need a good lie down. Once this was completed I fist pumped the air, removed Millie from the linen cupboard and thought about eating some biscuits.

It is by no means completed - there's another basket of fabric to be wound and pinned, which will lead to reorganising the shelves again in order to fit the wound fabric boards on.

Top shelf:
Towelling for bibs and wound fabric.
Second shelf: tub of fabric to be wound, basket of fat quarters and not quite fat quarters, and basket of wadding and interfacing.
Third shelf: machine pedals, basket of projects on the go and completed projects.
Bottom shelf: a bag of stuffing, my nail kit, my Music Memories box and my Family Memories Box. You can see they've been Millie'd.
Left: Ironing board.
Right: Thick wadding for dolly quilts, my mending pile (oh my) and my overlocker box.

I'm somewhat ashamed to say I really enjoyed cleaning up my area. It makes me want to spend more time in there, crafting and sewing. Or just writing lists.

How do you organise your craft area? Sewing, paper crafts, crochet or knitting - tell me about it!

Mrs Smyth Creates. #5... A bib for Millie... (tutorial)

The time had come. Millie will only eat breakfast if she feeds herself, so with Weetbix the consistency of Clag glue, she feeds herself merrily. Suddenly breakfast got much easier for us.
But then I started having to wipe Weetbix off her legs every morning, despite sitting in the high chair with a bib on and the tray covering her legs. It was New Bib Time.

I couldn't fathom paying $10 for two cheap bibs that would stain and have velcro on the straps (that Millie just rips off when she's sick of eating whatever is in front of her), so I decided to make my own.
I grabbed one of our bibs I did like, made some changes and made a pattern.

Then I couldn't stop. It's a bit addictive, you see?

Many bibs. Much fun. A view of M's toys too. Lucky you.
These are not your ordinary bib. In fact, on a bub smaller than Millie, it could well be a dress. When Millie is standing, these drops to below her waist, and has full shoulder pad coverage, should one's outfit be stylin' enough to rock some shoulderpads circa 1985.

So here's what I did.

Download the pattern here.

1x 50cm x 35cm fabric for the front of the bib. (A fat quarter is ace)
1x 50cm x 35cm towelling /flannel for the reverse of the bib.
Any trims you'd like to add.
One or more snap fastener sets, or velcro if you like.
Scissors and sticky tape to put the pattern together.

  1. Print out both pages of the pattern and cut page two on the dotted line. Secure this to page 1 on the dotted line with your sticky tape. Cut the pattern out and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Perhaps have a biscuit at the same time.
  2. Fold your front bib fabric in half and pin the pattern, with the piece marked 'Fold', hard against the fold of your fabric. Cut.
  3. Do the same for your towelling fabric. You could have another biscuit here, but I'd recommend waiting until you've pinned everything together.
  4. Iron your front fabric. Using a ballpoint pen, chalk or dressmaker's marker, transfer where the snaps will go corresponding with the pattern piece. Alternatively (i.e what I do) grab your toddler and measure with your fabric piece around their neck.
  5. If you're adding trims, now is the time! Pin your trims in place and sew on.
  6. Line up the towelling fabric on the reverse of your front fabric and iron from the middle out. I do this because I find once I've cut towelling it shrinks a little bit, so by ironing it from centre out you can get it to line up with the front fabric.
  7. Pin the towelling to the front fabric, leaving a 15cm gap in the bottom of the bib. This is where you'll pull the bib through itself once you've sewed around the sides.
  8. Starting from one end of the gap, sew all around the bib using a 1/8" seam allowance. On my machine this is lining up the outside of the sewing machine foot with the outer edge of fabric.
  9. Trim your corners close to the stitches. I trim all the way around with my pinking shears.
  10. Turn your bib inside out. Poke out the corners to get a clean line. Have a biscuit!
  11. Iron the bib firmly and turn the seam allowance in the gap at the bottom of bib up inside and press flat with your iron.
  12. Starting from halfway down the long edge of the bib, topstitch very close to the edge all the way around the bib to give a neat finish. Iron again.
  13. Add your fasteners and you're ready for meal times!
  14. Have another biscuit. You deserve it.
What have you been creating this last little while? Link up to share your crafty joy! Also, grab the new fun button and display it on your site. Sharing is cool, yo!

Mrs Smyth Gets a Life

Mrs Smyth Creates... #4

Hello again!
This fortnight has been a bit light on, due to Operation Renovation (is not a sensation) combined with an 8 day visit from Mr and Mrs S Snr. I had many many craft plans for this time (TWO BUILT IN BABYSITTERS OMG!) but M got sick, then I got sick, then I got sicker and... there was 8 days of small talk to be made with the Snrs. Then my trusty sewing machine got sick. She's better now, thankfully.
But here's what did happen:
  • I made a dolly quilt and pillow for our niece for her 2nd birthday. Despite buying all the fabrics and notions, and preparing the fabric at least a month ago, I did not start it until her birthday was 10 days away. And they live interstate. Oh my.
I was doing okay with the quiltlet until I realised I needed to use the
craft batting. And I had no idea how. I googled how, decided I
didn't like those instructions and made it up. It worked fine. 
  • I was steaming along until I started feeling tired (yo, 20 weeks pregnant, bite me) and M started screaming yesterday. Despite all the Daddy cuddles... the screaming didn't stop. Then my machine died. It was not a pretty afternoon... there was plenty of cursing followed by 'Mummy said 'Fudge', Millie.'
  • Today I rang the Elna Australia hot line and politely asked them if they could tell me what might be wrong with my machine. They put me through to an absolutely delightful woman named Carol, who not only told me what was wrong, but also gave me plenty of tips and wanted to know all about Millie. I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me.

Dolly quiltlet and pillowcase with matching pillow finished. Shazam!

  • I also went through my mending pile and turned a few too-short onesies into t-shirts for wearing over long sleeves. It's all about extending the wardrobe, if only to make me feel like she's actually worn some of these clothes. I'd put off doing it for months, but it only took me 10 minutes on the overlocker. Rock on, jersey fabric!
    I simply cut the bodysuit bit off and overlocked the edges. Then they sat there for another week whilst I vowed to look up how to tidy up overlocking tails. I don't know if I did it right, but they'll hold...

This is a gorgeous Country Road onesie that Mr S bought for Millie
when she was 8 weeks old. Despite being a 3-6mo size, the top still fits her
fine and I get to pretend she's still a baby.

See - overlocked! 

I also made Millie a new handbag. Every girl needs a handbag stash, right?
I needed to practice zips, and Millie wanted to know how
zips worked. Win/Win! (don't look to closely at the zip... I need more practice.)

She loves it.

  • High on my list for Millie's room was some curtain tie-backs for her brand new curtains. Until now, we'd been using something that might have been kitchen twine, or some sort of canvas coloured bias binding. At any rate, some new ones were well overdue.
    I didn't really have a pattern for this, so I made one up. Are you interested? I can do a post on it if you'd like.

Raspberry coloured corduroy with purple teeth...

They match her curtains perfectly!

Purple felt teeth... or pretty girly purple felt bunting. Whatever you prefer.
I like to think they're like dinosaur teeth... RAWR!

Also on my list for the next little while:
  • Finish the gosh-darned kid's apron.
  • Choose some fabric and make Millie her own apron. She's big enough to fit the pattern now and has recently been given a whole bunch of Millie-sized pots and pans... I think she'd really enjoy it.
  • Finish the two-shirts-to-one maternity shirt. I need to research some more about stretch stitches that leave a good finish. Can any of you help?
  • I've seen some awesome fabric at Spotlight that says to me 'Make me into a new handbag for yourself, Amy... do it!' Well ok then, I must.
  • Make Mr S a little polar fleece 'sock' to slip over the end of his silk sleeping bag liner for hiking. To keep his delicate size 13 tooties warm in the remarkably cool weather that is Tasmania.

What have you been up to?

Link up your creative posts from the last little while - I'd love to see what you've been up to!

Mrs Smyth Creates... #3

Oh god. Imagine I WAS growing Smyth #3. Imagine if this one was TWINS. There's only one, we've checked. Although my bump size might say otherwise... but no. Only one.
It's time for another crafty check in here! It's been a bit quiet of late, with my needing to wrangle Millie more than usual as Mr S does Manly Renovation Things with the bathroom, so without further ado!
This fortnight I've..
Sent Miss Maggie G's birthday present, she received and
sent me photos of her wearing it, and wearing the ribbon
that it came wrapped in, as a headband, Rambo-style.

Turned two $5 K-Mart T-shirts into one maternity shirt.

It's not quite finished yet. I lost the mojo for it... soon it will return.

Gone all Nana on my dressing table. Still loving it. Read about it here.

Made a gorgeous light shade for M's room. Read about it here.

Finished a custom iPad case for a customer in Canada...
Spidey just wants to be free!

Inside of iPad case. Pink iPad does not belong to my 30-something
year old male customer.
I've got a mending pile threatening to take over a chair and several projects in the works.
  • European cushion covers for Millie's room, made from her curtain fabric, and I'll source some lime green broadcloth for other cushions too I think.
  • Curtain tie-backs for Millie's curtains, made out of some raspberry corduroy I've got already.
  • A wallet for the same iPad customer.
  • I want a new handbag.
  • I really should finish that kid's apron.
  • Some A4 envelopes to finally complete my sweet-as pattern storage system. There's a post to come about that. I love some good organisation these days. Who am I?
Projects that I can't start because I have no idea how:
  • A case for my Instax camera - I need to get some confidence and draft a pattern for it.
  • A fleecy underskirt for a maxi-skirt I'm dying to wear whilst pregnant this winter.
Projects that went horribly wrong and have been relegated to scrap material:
  • the cardigan I drafted a pattern for. The pattern is sound, the fabric was not. I swore it was 4 way stretch and snipped away merrily. It is 2 way stretch. So I made a maternity shirt instead, somewhere along the way forgetting this stretch issue again. Made the entire shirt, and it did not stretch horizontally... you know, where you NEED it to stretch. I swore a lot and put it away, never to be seen again. You live and learn, but what do you mean it wasn't perfect first time?!
Link up your crafty posts from the last fortnight or so! I'd love to know what you've been making!

Mrs Smyth Creates... an Anthropologie knock off light shade for $18.

When I was pregnant with Millie I started reading about how so many of my pregnant friends were creating these fabulous colour-coordinated nurseries, with themes and rainbows and kittens oh my!
My S and I painted our bedroom, I sewed a doona cover, made a chair and some wall hangings. We put my dressing table out, and a cot in. Done!
Then Millie needed to move out of our room (or we needed her out... one of those. At any rate, it involved us getting more than 4 hours of broken sleep per night). So Mr S cleaned out the spare room one day and it became Millie's bedroom. It needed painting, and some different curtains, and perhaps some furnishings...
Yeah. Okay.
So we put up her fairy lights and wall hangings and made it look nice-ish, but it wasn't a play room. Functional for sleeping, but it still had a queen bed in there and there was zero floor space.
I made some curtains a few months ago, but it was still pretty sparse.
Mr S bought a new drill last week (another story involving the bathroom renovation and how every reno job requires a more expensive tool...) and dismantled the bed. We moved a few things around (I say we, Mr S moved everything and I was surprised this had all happened) and it suddenly started to look like a fun place to be.
We'd been talking about light fittings for awhile - Mr S excels at buying great light fittings. I'm kind of oblivious to most things above my head, e.g. cobwebs, washing, light fittings. But I'd seen a tutorial and given my crafty burst, I decided it was time.

The Design*Sponge Tutorial

You need:

  1. An 18" rice paper light fitting ($8.95, Bunnings)
  2. A plastic bowl to put the fitting in.
  3. Hot glue gun and several glue sticks (I think I used 5).
  4. A cup of tea.
  5. A sleeping toddler.
  6. iView.
  7. 150 white muffin papers ($5).
  8. A light fitting extender cord ($7, Bunnings).
  9. Jam Rollettes for energy.
  10. About an hour of time.

Here's what I did:

1. Take your light fitting and put it in a plastic bowl. This makes it FAR easier to turn around whilst you're gluing. Turn on your hot glue gun, load up iView and get your tea and jam rollettes ready.

2. Start by gluing your muffin papers in a line around the light shade. I went all around one way, then the other. I also clustered the papers around either opening of the shade to give me a good direction to head in with my glue gun.

3. Tea. Jam Rollettes. Laugh at Shaun Micallef.
4. Turn your shade around and glue, glue glue! Squash the papers together a bit to give a more uneven, petal-like effect. When you get the other side of the fitting, it's ok to gently rest it on the glued papers so you can glue the bare side. It didn't squash mine at all.

5. Admire your handiwork and feel like a total craft genius. This was exceptionally surprisingly easy. More tea. More rollettes (reward!).

6. Balance yourself and your bump carefully on a chair in your daughter's room (once she is awake of course. Never wake a sleeping baby!). Wonder why you feel unsteady. Gently ask toddler to stop rocking the chair. Reassure her that it's not the end of the world.

7. Swear at the difficulty of attaching the fitting to the cord. Tell your toddler 'Mummy said Fudge, Millie.' Get cord attached and turn light on and off.

8. Continue to feel like craft genius.

There you have it! Pretty straightforward and I think it looks like a million trillion bucks!

Tell me, have you ever made your own lightshades? Do you have pictures? Now that I am a craft genius, I am addicted to lightshades and wish to make more.

A Tidy Place (aka CRAFT! aka I clean up the rubbish tip that is my dressing table)

I am not a tidy housewife. Mr S is a very tidy housewife and is very good at putting things away.
Example #1
On his bedside table there is a bedside lamp and an alarm clock. That's it.
On my bedside table there is (now) a bedside lamp, my iphone alarm clock dock thingo, three books and a pair of headphones. This is exceptionally tidy for me. It used to be a bedside lamp, iphone thingo, five books, a glass of water, headphones, lipgloss, my wallet... you get the picture. Little Lady of the house is mobile and quite good and taking things off my bedside table.

Example #2
Mr S has no clothes left out. As in, they're all put away. Always.
I have several outfits close to hand. There's a beautiful chair I made when I was 33 weeks pregnant with Millie that is usually covered in clean washing or clothes I'm just going to wear the next day anyway.

Example #3
On his day at home with Millie Mr S manages to clean the whole house. I don't know how.
On most of my days at home with Millie we wind up sitting on the floor surrounded by forty thousand plastic toys capable of rendering a grown adult (me) to a whimpering child by walking over them.

But I digress.
I think I'm starting to nest or something already. It's really weird and I don't like how it makes me feel.
(I really must just take a Bex and a good lie down.)

We'd just moved our new bed in to our bedroom so change was in the air. I saw my rubbish tip dressing table last week and I couldn't stand the sight of it any longer. When Millie went to sleep I set to cleaning out the top two drawers (scarves! Swimwear! Gymwear! Gloves! Hiking heat packs!) to put the gigantic box of perfume bottles and various jewellery boxes in. So they could be close to hand, but not THAT close to hand.
Naturally, Millie woke up 20 minutes after she went to sleep. No matter. We can clean together, child! Hooray! What's that? The world is ending unless I pick you up? Oh...
Never mind! I can clean with you on my hip! Actually, no I can't. We will return.

Millie proceeds to not be asleep for the rest of the day, so in fits and starts I turn the radio up loudly (Let's dance Millie!) and force myself to throw things out or find a new home for them. I am tensing up just typing about that - I hate it more than game meats.

In a rare moment of 'I think Millie might be asleep! Quick! To the craft room!' I found two old photo frames in Mr S' man cave, and covered the backing boards with my new PVA glue and furnishing fabric that I made the chair, canvases and matching doona cover out of. There are no photos of this because I was crafting at the speed of light. Turns out Millie was not asleep, merely lying there contemplating how long before I would free her from the prison-like confines of her (Huon Pine) cot and (tastefully decorated) room.

I wrapped ribbon across one board, securing with PVA glue. I did not have any thumbtacks in the house, and my staple gun would have sent death-like metal spikes through to the front. I honestly didn't think the PVA glue would hold. The other board I took outside and hammered two nails close to the top of them. By this stage Millie had been awake for about 6 hours and unhappy for about 5.5 of them, so it was good stress relief for me to escape by myself and hammer something...

Then, I had these.

Left - brooches, Right - necklaces.

Brooches - this was the one with ribbon affixed.
Super handy to display most of my brooches, and easy to get
on and off.

Necklaces. The nails should have been closer to the top, but I'm happy with this.
(It's not actually crooked, it's my professional photography.)

My nana-esque dressing table tray.
L-R Back row - Hairties, perfumes.
L-R Front row - hair pins, my daily watch and earrings, Myrtle the mouse.

My word! Look at how tidy and uncluttered that is!
 Once I had the frames on the wall I realised I wanted a nice way to display my favourite perfumes (of which I found I had duplicates, so I need to use them all up) and have a space for hairties and bobby pins. I also wanted a nice place to put my watch and daily earrings.

A friend gave me the tray years ago, and I had the glass bowls leftover from holding candles at my wedding, so it was a nice way to have my favourite things on display, but feel like they're organised.

I know. I don't know what came over me either, except that I bloody love it. And we'll be fixing the cracked mirror shortly too.

How do you organise your dressing area? Nana-esque or something else quite funky?

NB: There are whole days where Millie and I sit on the floor and there's no frustrations whatsoever. This was an anomaly of a day, where instead of her lovely 2hrsx2 daily there was 20 minutes sleep over 12 hours. Had I had a crystal ball there's no way I would have attempted this. But I'm so glad I did. I love going in to my bedroom now.

Mrs Smyth creates... #2

The title is a nice twist on words, isn't it?
That's what I've been doing a lot of in the last fortnight and a bit, creating little Smyth #2. My shirts are very quickly getting too short and I'm in that awkward 'my regular shirts don't fit but I'm too small for maternity clothes' phase. A quick trip to Big W and a few nice T-shirts in a bigger size will see me through for a little bit longer. Since I typed this part of the post (<2 weeks) these shirts are now riding up over the epic sized bump already and making me grumpy. It's time to start sewing myself some maternity shirts I think... I've been shopping but pregnant women wish to wear tents or skinny jeans.  I've also been cutting out a cardigan from a lovely grape coloured jersey stretch material.

This fortnight I've...
started work on a new kid's apron for stocking in my as-yet-created shop

bought an overlocker (serger) from Gumtree, serviced it and got it running!
I've tested Miss Jones (overlocker) on every scrap of fabric I can find, and have started
overlocking some of the apron above.

Started and continued cutting out fabric for a cardigan pattern
I have drafted... based on an existing hoodie.

I have had help with this.
I purchased some material for a custom iPad case.
I fell in love with the Spiderman fabric for the inside... with a sensible navy for the outside.
It makes me think 'Outside: I'm a sensible thirtysomething who is a Tax Professional.
Inside: SPIDEY!'. I love it. I think my customer will too.
I made a softie for my niece, but it didn't turn out quite as nice as I imagined it would (bizzaro pattern.. this is meant to be a cat?!), and Millie kept stealing it and running off to her room
with in her arms before I'd finished it. Guess who now has a brand new giant softie and loves it?

Then I made another softie for my niece, who reportedly opened the parcel, said 'BIRD', grabbed it, ran into her room and tucked it into bed. I'd call that a win.
I also made a birthday present for the most gorgeous girl who lives in WA and is born in May. However, I haven't posted it yet so no pictures. But trust me, it's gorgeous.

Craft Blogs
I'm addicted to a few sewing blogs, and I thought I'd share them with you so you might become addicted too...
Craftiness Is Not Optional
This was one of the first sewing blogs I started reading, and it was also the first one that gave me confidence to make my own patterns. I've made Millie a shirt and two dresses from my own patterns based on Jessica's tutorials and I can't wait for every new blog post. And, she's also having another baby in November!
Cuada Design
Chris designed and wrote the pattern for the Cuada Clutch, which is my go-to clutch bag for sewing. So much so, I've scaled it into three sizes and adjusted the height of it for two patterns. Making that 6 patterns. Her pattern writing is what all pattern writing should be judged upon. She rocks. She also blogs. Win win!
Me Sew Crazy
I love the kid's clothes and tutorials on this site. I love that she makes her kids 'Collections' of clothes for every season. It's such a great sentiment, after all, I love seeing Millie in beautiful dresses and skirts and shirts but I can't afford to pay $40 for a dress/skirt/shirt etc. So I love the idea of making a dress, skirt, shirt and pants for 'good' for each season, and so far I've not done too badly with this.
Sew Many Ways
I found this blog tonight and holy moly - look at her craft room. I literally wanted to be transported into her craft room.
I Could Make That
I always love checking in and seeing what ideas are being posted here - so many gorgeous ideas!
How About Orange
This isn't about sewing neccessarily, but oh my word, you need to look at the gorgeousness that is How About Orange.
Little Pink Monster
I made Millie's sleepsuit from a tutorial on Natasha's site. She's got some great tutorials there and her posts are always fun to read! If it weren't for the Occupy Mrs Smyth movement I'd be highly tempted to make my own dressmaking form based on her tutorial.

So - link up your craft posts from the last little while! Go on!

Mrs Smyth... creates.

As I sat at my sewing machine this week I realised that I do a lot of sewing and crafting I really don't share with you here. How remiss of me!
So here we are. My weekly Mrs Smyth Creates... Here I am accountable for what I've created. Some weeks a lot, and some weeks... not so much. Sometimes it's fun, and sometimes it's boring hemming of Mr S' work trousers (of FrankenPants as I call them...*)
There's a link down the bottom for you to link your 'creating' posts for the week. Please link up, I know there's only a few of you readers, but don't make me look like the kid by herself in the playground. I can bribe you with Musk Sticks?

This week I...

Sewed curtains with a sick Millie on my lap.

Who fell asleep (!) whilst I loudly sewed.

Made a case for my new iPhone, from material
that matches my handbag.

This is the pattern of the back of the case.
It's lovely but I keep losing my phone in my bag.
Because they look the same. I know.

Made a small clutch back out of the remainder of the Shazza apron material.
It's beautiful, and is for sale.

A set of curtains for Millie's room. 

Here's a close up of the pattern on Millie's curtains.
So, I guess it's been a productive week. Child rearing, working, housework, cooking dinner... and sanity saving sewing.
What have you been making? Link up or just leave a comment. 

*FrankenPants are Mr S' work pants. Mr S is 6'6 and his work-supplied uniform trousers are inevitably always a few inches short. It was the glorious week where he got his second issue of trousers... so choppy chop chop, hem, hem, iron, hem. FrankenPants. A happy happy Mr S was born.