These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things - A Link Round Up

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It's Saturday afternoon here. Squarespace has just eaten my first nearly finished version of this post and I'm going to have to dig deep, choose happiness (HA!) and not swear out loud. My toddlers are lurking.

I thought I'd share what I've been loving this week...

I found Cara Chace's blog this week via the Badass Soloprenuer Facebook group and I immediately loved her writing style. This post in particular entitled '31 Things To Do When You Need a Break' was such a pleasure to read and gave me plenty of ideas.

When I'm cooking dinner or folding endless washing I'm usually listening to either a podcast or an audiobook. I'm currently loving Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS. I have a true love/hate relationship with Audible - I either love the audiobook and listen obsessively or I can't stand the narrator's voice and hit 'return' within the first twenty minutes. This is NOT the case with #GIRLBOSS - I'm loving every single minute of it. Part memoir, part girls in business, it's such a great listen.

Mr S is not only a supremely awesome human, loving husband and father and handyman ninja, he's a black and white wilderness film photographer. He has recently put together a RedBubble page where you can purchase his stunning images on a variety of different products. We've roadtested a few things and the quality is amazing. Go check it out.

My post on Choosing Happiness this week was met with some negativity on my Facebook page. What I will say is this: I choose joy. I choose happiness. Because I can. After a long time dealing with my shoddy mental health, I have found that choosing simplicity and happiness is half of my battle. The other bits are exercise, sleep and sometimes medication. I do not believe that sharing a positive outlook is detrimental to someone's mental health. If you're having problems seeing the specks of daylight there are people you can talk to. Head to Beyond Blue to find some great info or call them on 1300 22 4636.

I am no bathroom cleaning zealot, but I read about this awesome tip to clean your toilet with toothpaste. IT WORKS. That is all.

Image from

Image from

I am obsessed with this cake. I'm usually obsessed with cake, but THIS CAKE. Chocolate Date Peanut Butter Ganache Layer Cake. SAY WHAAAAT? I've now made it twice, and two cakes each. I don't do the peanut butter ganache because I don't usually have cream in the house, but the first time I made a chocolate ricotta icing, and the second a chocolate buttercream. Both times SO GOOD. Moist. Delicious. It's got peanut butter in the cake, so technically it's a superfood.

my Iphone. In rice-CU. Get it? Rice intensive care. I know. I crack myself up too.

my Iphone. In rice-CU. Get it? Rice intensive care. I know. I crack myself up too.

After the great Wet iPhone incident of early July, I have a) patted myself on the back for putting my iPhone on my house insurance with a manageable excess and b) gone to the dark Android side of life. My new phone is pretty, but I freely admit it's not a fancy as my iPhone. The thing is, it's also $600 cheaper and I will feel less concerned about knowing it's whereabouts at any given moment. That, my friends, is another post for another time.

Mr S pointed out to me a few weeks ago that the scroll button on my mouse didn't work very well. I'd known that for some time, but when he told me I was suddenly VERY AWARE that it didn't work. I'm quite slack at purchasing things that desperately need replacing ie I've been wearing a belt two sizes too big for about a year now. Buying a mouse isn't fun. OR IS IT? When I purchased a new phone I enquired about cordless mice.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

I am now the proud owner of a new Fox mouse. It cost me a fairly paltry $19.98 but it makes me very happy on two counts. 1) SO PRETTY. 2) Job done. Mouse purchased. No longer am I frustrated by a dodgy scroll button. BAM.

What's been rolling in your world? What things changed your view? What are you loving to read right now? Tell me everything.

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