My Crafty Space

After living in this house for almost three years I finally have a proper crafty space. It's taken a few weeks of procrastination and messing up the house but it's there.
Mr S has again proven himself to be a Highly Tolerant Husband and he actually suggested we turn the dining room in to my craft room. Bless!
We went to the tip shop (surprise!) last weekend and found this quirky little side table that had awesome shelving on top of it. Mr S pulled the shelving off, attached it to the bookshop, and voila! Sewing machine storage, like it was made for it!
Machine storage

Here we have the bulk of my craft bits and pieces. The top right hand corner houses my meticulously organised labelled tubs. We have 'thread and scissors', 'felt', 'ribbons', 'sewing kit', right through to 'misc crafty crap'. The cane baskets have fabric in them, although one houses interfacing and patterns. Down the bottom you have my letterpress kit with my Epic 6 die cutting machine.

A different view of the room, books to be returned and a
baby helper.

Another view...

THE view.

HDR of in and outside. I love this room.

There you have it. I have a beautiful view, a light filled room, loads of storage and a big beautiful table to work on. What does your crafty space look like?

When Millie got mail...

Back in November Millie & I finished our breakfast, threw a little tanty (Millie), washed our dishes (me), wiped one's face (Millie) and headed out to check the mail. And that day there was an Express Post Parcel all the way from WA.
When we opened it we found this:
'Curious Mum... CAN YOU OPEN IT NOW?'

And inside was a beautiful hand made dress from Maggie... who at 7 months is a dab hand with the sewing machine. I hear that Sarah may have helped...

Millie was very excited to see the dress.

And inspect it thoroughly.
Such a beautiful red dress! However, weather circumstances prevented wearing of such a beautiful dress. Until now.


'It's perfect Mum, easy to move around in.'
She looks so beautiful in red.

'Perfect for a Monday drive in the country.'

Thank you Sarah & Maggie. We love it.

**This face is known in my family as 'Kendall Face'. There are thousands of pictures of all of us doing this face in pretty much every photo. I'm glad Millie has at least two genetic links to me, because she's all Daddy!

Mrs Smyth... bombards you with pictures...

When I was pregnant I was lucky enough to meet lots of other women due around the same time. Some of them, I already knew. And some of them, I sort of knew by association but our burgeoning bellies cemented the deal.

Millie's friend Archie came over on Monday with his Mum Neidra, and we spent the whole day lolling about the house drinking lattes whilst our babies tag team napped, then we had lunch down by the river in the sunshine and went for a big walk through some abandoned orchards. I thought I'd share some snaps with you of our day, because seriously, our kids are far too cute.

Millie... check out that massive duck. And my spotty pants.

All is well Mummy, I've got my yellow ring.

Wow Archie, those pants are awesome. Can I eat your shoes?

If Oobi want me in their next catalogue, I'd consider it.

The Orchard. The ErgoBaby. The sunshine.

With my pink Dunlop Volleys I'm ready to run. Or crawl. Whatevs.

My sunshine.