Crafty Wednesday Tutorial: Wheat Bag Fun Times

When Mr S came to bed the other night and stole our one and only wheat bag off my bump he said 'Why don't you make some wheat bags? I can get the linseed from my work and it makes sense to have more than one in our house.' I knew his feet were cold and he just wanted the warm wheat bag, but I also knew that he made sense.

So behold, a tutorial for you! It is really SO straightforward and took less than an hour, including the cover. And now you've got some instructions and no baby brain, I expect it will take you even less time.

Not Wheat But Linseed Instead Bag Tutorial


1 x 24inch x 13inch rectangle of calico
Approx 2kg linseeds
Your noble steed (sewing machine)
Your best sewing friend (my iron)
A ruler
A fabric marker
Chocolate brownie
Cup of tea


  1. Fold your rectangle in half longways, so you've got a rectangle that's 12inch x 13inch. Stitch around the two short sides with a 1/4inch seam allowance, and stitch the top 2/3 closed.
  2. Are you feeling pedantic? Trim corners and turn inside out. Not pedantic? Just turn it inside out.
  3. Give it a light press with your iron.
  4. Measure up and divide your sewn rectangle into thirds. I realised I'm crap at dividing inches into thirds, and went with the 'near enough' theory.
  5. Have a bite of brownie and a sip of tea.
  6. Sew 2/3 along your first line.
  7. Using a jug/funnel/SOME directional implement and preferably OVER a bowl, pour 2 cups of linseed into your bag. Jiggle it around to make it stay in the channel. It should look a bit like this.
  8. Push all the linseed to the bottom of the channel and finish sewing the line across.
  9. Sew the next line 2/3 across and fill and sew in the same fashion.
  10. When you reach your last channel, fill in carefully and sew the edge closed, ensuring that you fold the seams in as you sew. I promise you I trimmed the threads after I took this photo.
  11. Finish your tea and enjoy your brownie!

The Cover

Millie was still asleep so I decided to make a cover for the Not Wheat But Linseed Bag.
Here's where I clearly didn't imbibe enough chocolate brownies to be entirely accurate, nor did I take any notes. I am now 35.5 weeks pregnant and it is almost a week later than when I made this and took the photos, so bear with me. Do as I say, not as photos say I did.


1 piece of fabric 15.5inches x 12 inches
1 piece of fabric 22 inches x 12 inches
More brownies
Another cup of tea


  1. Overlock one of the shorter edges of both your pieces.
  2. On both pieces, fold over your overlocked piece and finish the seams. Alternatively you can do a rolled seam here for a neat finish.
  3. Fold the finished seam edge of the 15.5inch x 12 inch piece over 6 inches to create a 'pocket'.
  4. Place both pieces right sides together, so your 'pocket' piece is facing up.
  5. Sew around using a 1/4 inch allowance.
  6. Overlock/zigzag seams and trim threads.
  7. Heat your Not Wheat But Linseed Bag up and pop it in the case.
  8. More brownie.
  9. More tea.
  10. Yay!
I hope you enjoy this. It was such a quick project that's been so very useful! What are you making this week? Link your posts up below.

Mrs Smyth Creates #6... and the Crafty Create Link Up

Oh golly. These last few weeks have been seriously sew-free. It makes me sad, so I fired up the trusty machines again and the craft room looks like a bomb site... all is well in craft land.

While I haven't been sewing, I've been organising. And cleaning my house. Who knew scrubbing a stove was so satisfying? I did tell Mr S that the stove has been scrubbed within an inch of it's life by me (Mum does it every time she visits, never fear) twice while we've been living here. Yup, you guessed it. Pregnancy makes me clean. MUST. SCRUB.

But here's what I've been crafting and sewing recently...

I was gifted these epic bags of fabric...
yes. I know I have a problem.

I decided it was high time I made my own bias binding.

Success! My technique needs tweaking, but we got there in the end.

Pattern pieces for my new handbag. It's Simplicity 2381 if you were interested.

I made play doh for my little lady. This set of photos was taken in 5 minutes.

I made my own fabric labels, using Ros from Sew Delicious' tutorial.
PS. Ros is an absolute sweetheart.  I want to make her cups of tea all day.
Also, she's selling some ace vintage fabric in her Etsy shop. Go and take a peep!
(not that I'd know. I don't need any more fabric. *cough*)

Label hastily crookedly sewn on. May or may not be to disguise
a bias binding boo boo. (BBBB)

Bag front starting to come together. My goodness I love this fabric.

Finally, my sewing helper. She sits on my lap and now pretends to
sew as well. I almost died of the cute.
So, what have you been up to these last few weeks? I'd love you to link up your crafty posts!
Grab the button and pop it in your post, and link up down the bottom. Can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Mrs Smyth Gets a Life

Mrs Smyth Creates... #4

Hello again!
This fortnight has been a bit light on, due to Operation Renovation (is not a sensation) combined with an 8 day visit from Mr and Mrs S Snr. I had many many craft plans for this time (TWO BUILT IN BABYSITTERS OMG!) but M got sick, then I got sick, then I got sicker and... there was 8 days of small talk to be made with the Snrs. Then my trusty sewing machine got sick. She's better now, thankfully.
But here's what did happen:
  • I made a dolly quilt and pillow for our niece for her 2nd birthday. Despite buying all the fabrics and notions, and preparing the fabric at least a month ago, I did not start it until her birthday was 10 days away. And they live interstate. Oh my.
I was doing okay with the quiltlet until I realised I needed to use the
craft batting. And I had no idea how. I googled how, decided I
didn't like those instructions and made it up. It worked fine. 
  • I was steaming along until I started feeling tired (yo, 20 weeks pregnant, bite me) and M started screaming yesterday. Despite all the Daddy cuddles... the screaming didn't stop. Then my machine died. It was not a pretty afternoon... there was plenty of cursing followed by 'Mummy said 'Fudge', Millie.'
  • Today I rang the Elna Australia hot line and politely asked them if they could tell me what might be wrong with my machine. They put me through to an absolutely delightful woman named Carol, who not only told me what was wrong, but also gave me plenty of tips and wanted to know all about Millie. I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me.

Dolly quiltlet and pillowcase with matching pillow finished. Shazam!

  • I also went through my mending pile and turned a few too-short onesies into t-shirts for wearing over long sleeves. It's all about extending the wardrobe, if only to make me feel like she's actually worn some of these clothes. I'd put off doing it for months, but it only took me 10 minutes on the overlocker. Rock on, jersey fabric!
    I simply cut the bodysuit bit off and overlocked the edges. Then they sat there for another week whilst I vowed to look up how to tidy up overlocking tails. I don't know if I did it right, but they'll hold...

This is a gorgeous Country Road onesie that Mr S bought for Millie
when she was 8 weeks old. Despite being a 3-6mo size, the top still fits her
fine and I get to pretend she's still a baby.

See - overlocked! 

I also made Millie a new handbag. Every girl needs a handbag stash, right?
I needed to practice zips, and Millie wanted to know how
zips worked. Win/Win! (don't look to closely at the zip... I need more practice.)

She loves it.

  • High on my list for Millie's room was some curtain tie-backs for her brand new curtains. Until now, we'd been using something that might have been kitchen twine, or some sort of canvas coloured bias binding. At any rate, some new ones were well overdue.
    I didn't really have a pattern for this, so I made one up. Are you interested? I can do a post on it if you'd like.

Raspberry coloured corduroy with purple teeth...

They match her curtains perfectly!

Purple felt teeth... or pretty girly purple felt bunting. Whatever you prefer.
I like to think they're like dinosaur teeth... RAWR!

Also on my list for the next little while:
  • Finish the gosh-darned kid's apron.
  • Choose some fabric and make Millie her own apron. She's big enough to fit the pattern now and has recently been given a whole bunch of Millie-sized pots and pans... I think she'd really enjoy it.
  • Finish the two-shirts-to-one maternity shirt. I need to research some more about stretch stitches that leave a good finish. Can any of you help?
  • I've seen some awesome fabric at Spotlight that says to me 'Make me into a new handbag for yourself, Amy... do it!' Well ok then, I must.
  • Make Mr S a little polar fleece 'sock' to slip over the end of his silk sleeping bag liner for hiking. To keep his delicate size 13 tooties warm in the remarkably cool weather that is Tasmania.

What have you been up to?

Link up your creative posts from the last little while - I'd love to see what you've been up to!