Oh, oops.

You see, I keep meaning to write here. It's just that I don't have much to say, except for the things I don't really want to say.

Lady Pip vomits a lot. Like, A LOT. Mr S and I can now catch a vomit in a bucket without messing up the floor - one of us can fly out of bed not quite awake before she begins to gag properly. After a long few months of discussions with our Dr, reflux was diagnosed, reflux meds prescribed and I added in some anti reflux formula. It's been a shitty shitty winter of colds, flus and infections, one after the other. Coupled with many months of being out of bed 4-5 times per night it's a wonder any of the Smyths functioned at all.

Thankfully the formula at night seems to have helped her settle and the anti reflux meds are working. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see your tiny beloved refuse to eat, cry when she swallows and make the most gut wrenching sounds when vomiting, and to try and wipe her own face with a towel afterwards. Millie hears Pip start to gag and runs for towels. What a life eh?

I hate not being able to fix it. I've got a sense of self importance as a mother that makes me want to have all the answers, fix all the problems and make it all better for my children. For goodness sakes, why isn't that possible?

I am blessed with a special group of ladies that make up my Mother's Group. I sew at night with one, take long walks with a pram with another, another one brings Pip frozen cubed meals when she won't eat anything I try. They are amazing women.

So, what have you been up to this winter? I've been making a quilt, walking with my new pram, finally getting some sleep and catching vomits in a bucket like MacGuyMum.

I know. You wish you were me.

FFS Friday - Shiny Things Friday

  • My blog-jo is missing. Have you seen it? FFS.
  • As Mr S and I wish to not add to our brood for a little while, I began to take the Mini-Pill. It made me feel more-than-slightly unhinged. FFS.
  • After four weeks of taking said Mini-Pill I realised I'd been in a bad sad mood for four weeks. Cue Doctor visit. Cue no more Mini-Pill. The thing is, I'm still waiting to feel better. FFS.
  • This morning I've been followed around by a meowing, scratching random things Lucy-cat. FFS.
  • I did a lot of clothes washing this morning and it's pouring with rain now. FFS.
  • Pippa gets awful colic at the same time every day. A friend mentioned to Andrew that her kids were the same, she cut out all dairy and it made a real difference. This week, Oat Milk, Nuttelex, Sweet William Chocolate and Not-Tim-Tams entered my world. FFS.
  • Oat milk, Nuttelex and Not-Tim-Tams are fine. Sweet William Chocolate is not. FFS.
  • I REALLY like butter. FFS.
  • I'm hoping that the dairy-free business will help with my Operation Skinny Jeans. Last week I lost 2 kilos.
  • I am having a Big Birthday in a few weeks. Help. FFS. Despite this, my hairdresser has confirmed that there are no grey hairs on my head. Win.

Shiny Things Friday

Oh my god, my kids are lovely. Pippa loves to snuggle and Millie loves to cuddle. I could not love these two any more.
Taking photos of a toddler means they're mostly blurry.
But look at her!

Lady Pippa wearing a new dress and loving it!

Covered in kids. Love it.

My kitchen helper. She wipes the bench and everything!

I was in the other room and heard Millie chatting. I came in to
hear "Bowl. HAT! Bowl. HAT!"

Pippa was sent some bibs by Ros at Sew Delicious.
She couldn't decide which one to wear, it was too exhausting.

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Dear Baby G

FFS Friday... we're back!

Hello there FFS Friday. I've enoyed reading everyone else's gripes, but I haven't really missed writing it. I know. There's something wrong with me. But today I appear to have cracked the hormonal sads so what an opportunity to get things off my ample property-of-Pippa chest.

  • Contrary to my experiences last time, I'm not hating breastfeeding. It's easy and SO much easier than dealing with sterilising bottles. It's hard enough to keep up with sterilising dummies because Child A keeps stealing Child B's dummy... I'll let you guess who is who... FFS.
  • I got this month's Bellabox, and I'm suitably unimpressed again. I contacted them last month in the height of pregnancy Angry because no matter what my profile says they keep sending me makeup, and my friends who actually WEAR makeup keep getting sent nail products. I have a deal going with Mel from Honey You Baked, where we compare our boxes and swap what we don't want. So far she's a perfect match for me, and me her. FFS.
  • I'd forgotten a newborn's ability to awaken the moment food is present. Suffice to say Pippa is often covered in crumbs. FFS.
  • Millie was a pooer. We were prepared for that this time around. There's one small problem here... Pippa is a chucker. Actually, make that a POWERSPEWER. Like, 80's style rock and roll spewer. Most feeds. And she's quiet about it, too. We're currently doing two or three loads of washing per day to keep up with the towel/bedding/Mummy clothing quota. FFS.
  • That said, she is the best thing since sliced bread and coffee, so it's okay...
  • Millie has launched into terrible twos with gusto. Everything, repeat, EVERYTHING is the end of the world. I heard some terrible screaming from the bathroom the other night complete with throwing-self-on-ground sounds and 'NO NO NO NO NO NO NO'. Turns out Mr S was drying her hair gently with a towel. She's not even two. Help. FFS.
  • I made the mistake of opening the credit card statement, instead of giving to Mr S unopened as I usually do. FFS.
  • I am three weeks in to my six week confinement, where I cannot drive, pick things up off the floor (but I have been, often without realising until I'm stuck on the floor and my shitty blood pressure prevents me from getting up easily), cannot pick up Millie (this is breaking both our hearts), cannot change Millie's nappy (involves lifting her, not heartbroken about this one at all), lift heavy things etc etc. It's safe to say it's driving me crackers. I am quite deft at picking things up with my feet, but seriously? This sucks. FFS.
  • I know I need to slow down because there's one stitch hole that just won't heal. Or, it does until I bend down. FFS.
  • I've had a headache for three weeks now. It's not a spinal headache, and thankfully the migraines I had every day in hospital have gone away, but most days there comes a point where I literally can't see straight. Also driving me crackers. FFS.
  • Sitting at my desk makes it worse. I'll never blog regularly again at this rate. FFS.
  • The amount of painkillers I'm taking should be knocking that bad boy on the head. FFS.
  • Mr S goes back to work on Tuesday. BOOOOOOOOO.

Shiny Things Friday


Our first lunch date, Pippa was a week old.

Millie had a great time with her GrandMarg. Pigtails and babycinos...

Millie shows Pippa how it's done.

I keep finding Millie selfies on my phone.

Millie cow-watches next door...

My two loves.

She's totally awesome, right?

Millie helps me take my shoes off.

Aaand takes them 'to the front door'...
I found them on the couch. Almost at the front door.

Pippa was given this beautiful hanging from Jane at Life on Planet Baby.
She has an Etsy shop here.

I found these on my phone...

Pippa and I at Lymington beach this week, soaking up the sun.

Speaking of Lady Pippa.

Very awake, very alert, and smiles a lot.

Finally, I was given this by my lovely friend Annette. I feel very
spoiled as I have a cup each day. It's important to spoil new mamas, I've decided.

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Dear Baby G

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

As you read this, I'll be in another state. Surrounded by my family in the searing heat. Probably sweating. M will be glowing, and Mr S will probably be glowing too. I will be most probably looking surly and slightly uncomfortable in the heat. But that's just a mirage, as happens in the searing heat. I am excited on the inside.

So, in honour of my big brother marrying the lady of his dreams, I cannot FFS this week.

Who am I kidding? Of course I can. The wedding hasn't happened yet. Next week I can't FFS, because I'll be too full of joy and wedding cake to be cranky and pregnant.

One can hope. I mean, I'll still be pregnant, but not cranky.

So I present to you: FFS, The Customer Not Service Edition.

  • I finished work on Tuesday, had an ultrasound, and went shopping to buy a portacot and booster seat for said trip. In Target, I asked if someone could check a barcode on a price tag to see if they had more stock tucked away somewhere. The sales lady said without moving 'If there's nothing on the shelf then that's it.'
    'Uhhh... can someone check an inventory on a computer or something?' I know this to be true.
    'Oh. Perhaps. But if there's no stock on the floor, that's it.'
    'Can someone check please?'
    'Siiiiiiigh. Let me call someone.'
    Two more sales people later who didn't want to take the fifteen steps to the nursery department, we finally ascertained that they did indeed have portacots in stock. FFS.
  • I ordered two pairs of glasses from SpecSavers Friday before last, with an ETA of less than a week. Hooray! One pair turned up within a week, and I was told to come in and check a few days later. A few days later I checked and there was none. When I explained that I was going to a family wedding, ergo new glasses, they rang their lab in Melbourne. The young man serving me went and took my chosen frames off the shelf and explained to me that the lab actually needed the frames, so it would be at least another week. Shrug. Sorry.
    I actually said out loud 'Are you kidding me? I've been in here four times since I ordered the glasses and you have found this out now?' Upon asking whether or not they could expedite this process, he informed me that he'd call me the next day.
    Cue next day. I ring and wind up speaking to the manager after said young man tells me via another service rep 'We'll have to post them to you on your holiday', she informs me that the lab have actually run out of the stock of the frames I ordered and that's why they needed my frames sent. And it's one of these unfortunate things that slips through the cracks... It will be at least a week.
    I use my Caps Lock Voice to express my displeasure and ask if they can kindly speed these things up as this is going to be a bit crap. The manager tells me that I shouldn't have been given such an unrealistic due date. But the point it, I was given that date. I've ordered glasses for the past twelve years that take a week, maximum. I thought two weeks was pretty achievable as an outside date. The manager says she'll call the lab and call me back tomorrow.
    Cue next day. When I call the manager apologises that I misunderstood and that she hadn't actually promised to call me. However, she has rung the lab and asked that they use their emergency stock of frames to fill my order. Sidebar: at what point in time did no one think of this previously?When else would one use emergency stock to fill an order? She's also had someone call their courier and there is now a high chance that my glasses will be in tomorrow, in time for me to detour through Hobart with a toddler and car full of stuff on our way to the airport, to pick up my glasses. And have I ever thought about contact lenses? FFS.
  • SpecSavers also send you an email survey about their customer service when you pick up your glasses.
  • Customer service in Tasmania is exceptionally hit and miss. I do think that every customer is entitled to courtesy and kindness. I don't think that the customer is necessarily right all the time, but they do deserve to be treated with respect. What I think businesses don't realise is that money is changing hands. And it's money that we all work hard for and personally, if you're treating me poorly, I'll take my money somewhere else.
  • In other FFS, when I picked M up at daycare today her carer told me that one of the other kids had nit eggs yesterday and was sent home. Today her Mum did a 'dump and run' whilst carer was on the phone, only to discover that the poor kid had live lice today. Her Mum didn't answer any phone messages for hours, to then let Carer know that she was at least two hours away and 'pop her out the back by herself, she'll be ok by herself. And the other kids, it's just Millie and Kid B and Kid C, I mean, that's okay, right?' ABSO-FFS-INGLY NOT. What the FFS? I mean, WHAT THE FFS?
  • This is the same Mum who wasn't worried about whooping cough and her unvaccinated kids, ergo all the other kids at daycare. FFS.
  • It makes me feel SO stabby and if I didn't love her carer so much I'd find alternate care. FFS.
  • As always, the night before we go away on a holiday I am up far too late hanging out washing, lighting the fire to DRY said washing, dealing with acid reflux and an active Inside Baby, rocking M back to sleep and dealing with Lucy the cat, who goes loco every time we go away. FFS.
  • There's no doubt free alcohol at the wedding reception. I can hardly wait for post mix lemonade. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

Father's Day at Esperance River. Feeling river water
for the first time. Colder than one expected. :)

31 weeks. I am now 32 weeks.

Taking pics for Etsy with my spunky new lightbox.

Hooray! Etsy!

The Bump giving me grief at work yesterday. You'll note
my proximity to my desk these days. Inconvenient to say the least.

A brand new bib in smaller size for my nephew, who I get to meet TODAY! Hooray!
  • Speaking of, have you seen my Etsy shop? I finally finished photographing and organising my hairclips and set up my Etsy shop over here. My little sewing name is Mrs Smyth Made This, and there's some bibs coming next week too as soon as I put the final little finishing touches on them. Hooray!
  • I had the most fun ever making the lightbox using this tutorial by Darren Rowse of ProBlogger.
  • The Coles Comfy Bot giveaway went gangbusters last week and it was really quite fun! I'm so pleased that there were so many entries, and congratulations to Chris M! A month's worth of nappies coming your way!
  • Three working weeks until maternity leave. Hooray! Cannot come soon enough.
  • M is bloody delightful. She just is.
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FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

I've toyed with several ways to write this post. It was going to be either:

  • The Pregnancy Edition, consisting solely of whinging about how the baby has suddenly flipped breech, leaving me in indescribable amounts of pain (see how I slipped that in anyway?)
  • The Cat Edition, where Lucy describes the several injustices of her world or
  • The There's Nothing To Whinge About edition.

Instead, here's the regular edition for you.

The Renovation is Absolutely Not a Sensation Update

  • The floor has been tiled and grouted. The walls were set to be tiled this week, except when our tiler held his spirit level up to the walls in several places it was discovered that our walls are 'Thees walls. They like bananar.' FFS.
  • This means we've had to hire a chippie to come and effectively replace the bottom half of three walls in the bathroom. FFS.
  • He was unavailable for a week. FFS.
  • Why oh why did the tiler not think about this when he quoted on the job, two months ago? FFS.
  • I can't be angry with him. He's too charming. FFS.
  • I'd like an inside toilet BEFORE I GIVE BIRTH. FFS.
  • As I mentioned, baby has flipped breech. I think this happened two nights ago, when Mr S was showing me his fancy new commuter pushbike and I suddenly doubled over from sharp, shooting pain. I think Mr S wondered if I was just uber-impressed with his new bicycle. (actually, that's a lie, he looked concerned because we'd just eaten a super hot curry making jokes about labour.) I saw my midwife yesterday who advised panadol and heat packs and rest. 9 weeks to go. FFS.
  • I keep making my cups of tea too hot. Good lord. FFS.
  • BNHQ are either idling their sports exhaust-ed cars all day, allowing their dog to bark all day or shifting their 6 cars around. Your car works so turn it off already, your dog barks all day and you have too many cars. FFS.
  • Mr S and I misplaced the only heat pack we own on the weekend sometime. We've spent all week looking halfheartedly for it, when I found it this morning in the bottom of the washing basket. Ah, thanks Millie. Why didn't we think to look there sooner? FFS.
  • I picked up a new pair of sunglasses this week, whereupon I noticed there was a white mark between the lens and the frame. The lady surveyed me and went out the back to see what she could do. She then came back and politely asked 'Are you cleaning everything in sight yet?'
    'Yes. Why?'
    'Welllllll... it really is a tiny mark. So tiny that we could barely see it. That's when I realised you were probably nesting and cleaning everything, therefore you see every mark, minute or not.'
  • I want to be insulted. But she's right. FFS.
  • And thankfully, they fixed the damn mark.

Shiny Things Friday

'See Daddy, it's right there on, page 2. Here, let me show you.'

M takes selfies first thing in the morning whilst my phone is on the dock.

We had our carpets and couch cleaned this week. I had to
resist all urges to put no furniture back and turn it into The Good Room.

Our meals this fortnight are from this cookbook. It's lovely!

Apron I made for my SIL's birthday (today!). I love it so much
I had trouble sending it away...

Sneak peek! Hairclips, destined for Etsy this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled!

Making! I finally finished this pouch after weeks of thinking I'd
borked the zipper. I kind of did, but it doesn't look like it here! Hooray!

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Dear Baby G

FFS Friday....er Saturday.

I'm late with this, I know.
Yesterday, this finally happened.

A tiler about to beautify the bathroom.
  • After standing us up 2 weeks ago, and then three times this week, The Tiler arrived. I attempted to maintain a polite yet cool demeanour:
    "Would you like a cup of tea? No? Okay then. I'll be in here."
    but he was so gosh-darned charming. When I joked that I'd be so happy to see this renovation done as I was feeling a bit too pregnant for all this he said in his Polish accent
    "Oh, but you look so happy. So pregnant and happy." and kept popping his head out saying "Don't worry, be happy!" I felt compelled to make him cups of coffee and offer Tim Tams, which he politely rightfully refused. FFS.
  • I then went into town to buy a dress the size of Texas to cover my shame bump for my brother's wedding in two weeks, choose and order new glasses and do my tax. I also meant to buy curtain rails, get new bipper remotes for the car keys and exchange a pair of M's shoes. Turns out my bump protested most of the way and after retiring to my bed at 6.30pm with hot packs I still can't walk particularly well. FFS.
  • A big shout out goes to the lady at Laura Ashley whom upon my asking what they might have told me 'to just look around' and then determined 'we don't have anything to accommodate you.' Way to ensure repeat business. FFS.
  • There are only ten weeks (MAX) until #2 rocks up. I am not prepared. FFS.
  • I was stuck behind a car with 'Sponsored by Centrelink' and Transformers stickers on the way out of the Valley yesterday. This car drove erratically above the 100km/hr speed limit, dipping off to the left hand side randomly. I kept my distance until we hit the double lane and it was safe to overtake. As I overtook I thought it was also a P-plater, limited to 80km/hr. This was confirmed when they overtook me immediately. I was travelling at 100km/hr. I wished valiantly for a police car, but there was none. FFS.
  • I know how old I sound, complaining about the young-uns driving unsafely. FFS.
  • Whilst preparing my tax after dinner one night this week I tore my filing system apart looking for a receipt that I'd sworn I'd taken out of my purse and put somewhere safe. Two hours later I had a heck of a mess to clean and I found the receipt. In my purse. FFS.
  • My accountant laughed at me repeatedly whilst doing my tax because of the different types of income I produce through my ABN. I'm sorry graphic design, sewing and music performance are so hilarious to you. FFS.

Shiny Things Saturday
Millie loves to pretend that she's reading the paper and eating
cereal, just like Daddy.

No words, just heart explosion.

I got a package from Canada via NZ this week. I do not need to buy
chocolate again.

Daffodils out. SO stunning.

30 weeks.

Making more hairclips.

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Dear Baby G

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

First world whinge time! Wheeeee!

Thanks for nothing, Lucy.
  • The tiler has not shown up this week. That's two weeks now. At this rate we could have had any tiler wanted, instead of the one who will 'fit us in no worries'. FFS.
  • The front half of my house smells vaguely like septic because there's no a) bathroom door or b) tiles on the wall to let there be a toilet in the floor. Mr S has gone to great lengths today to ensure that the smell is gone by putting a something something cap in the floor. FFS.
  • At least, I think the house smells like septic. My head is so blocked up I'm not entirely sure. FFS.
  • Although, I could certainly smell that nappy this morning... FFS.
  • I thought Mr S was either a) waiting for me to get home and deal with said nappy or b) finishing his cup of tea. It turned out to be c) When I went to change the nappy, he came in brandishing an extra pack of wipes and preparing to entertain M and hold her down. He said 'Sorry, you'll need help with that.' He was right. OMG. FFS.
  • We also have no firewood. Mr S told the woodman that we were almost out and he assured us he'd bring some 'later in the week'. Lo and behold, later in the week and no wood. It's also freaking breath-vapour cold outside. I am running an electric heater on low so we do not freeze. FFS.
  • Related: I got the power bill last week for the winter quarter. It appears that our Rheem Heat Pump Hot Water has not been working again. FFS.
  • I have no clothes that fit. No wait, that's a lie. There's a pair of maternity jeans, three maternity shirts and one of Mr S' jumpers. I have trackies that don't stay up and shirts that don't reach the trackpants. I have a perma-frozen patch of under-bump skin. FFS.
  • Related: I am going to a wedding in QLD in three weeks time. FFS.
  • M lives in Tantrum City approximately 40% of the time at the moment. Yesterday's doozy was caused by me picking her up from daycare. As in, we had to leave daycare. Ummmm.....? FFS.
  • This week my Dr mentioned they'd like another ultrasound for bub at 34 weeks. I was all 'oh yeah, no worries. MONTHS away.' He was all 'So, that's in 5 weeks time.' I guess this means I'm having a baby FAIRLY BLOODY SHORTLY THEN. Oh dear. FFS.
  • I shouldn't complain, I feel like I've been and will be pregnant forever.  FFS.
  • I certainly look like I've been pregnant forever. A delivery driver at work helpfully asked me two weeks ago 'So, almost any day now huh?'. I replied in my Caps Lock voice 'ANOTHER TWELVE WEEKS THANKS VERY MUCH.' FFS.
  • While I was doing my new preggo exercise DVD on the weekend, M helpfully sat on the floor next to me and lifted up my shirt to pat my belly. Thanks, kid. FFS.
  • Our brand new fridge got delivered, finally. That's a whole other blog post. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

After a shitty day last week, Mr S surprised me with this after dinner.

My new iron. If it were possible to divorce and remarry...

The child proof gate to the bathroom... is not. Oops.

At the park!

I have found a use for my old iPhone 3GS. Seriously, best fabric weight ever.

Craft time!

28 weeks.

New polish. It's delightful but will be a pain to remove. I can tell.

One of my many forgotten cups of tea. When I'm at home, my ratio
for making: drinking is approximately 3:1.

My first lot of clips about to make their way to a new home!

See the pretty glittery nails? It's like a disco party on my hands.

Making. I'm enjoying this fabric so much, I think I'll have troubles
giving the finished product away.

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Dear Baby G

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

I've been trying to think of things to write this week... and I'm a bit stuck. Aside from one thing, which seems to be ruling our week.

18 month old Sleep Regression.

  • After seven months of two day naps and sleeping from 7ish-6.45am-ish steadily, M has chucked in a day nap, is reckless with her only day nap and sleeps from 7-9ish with a 'Good Lord, where is my dummy? What do you mean there's three here? Oh, oh, that one. Ta!' then the past week has been a couple of times per night... Usually she doesn't need us, it's just her initial wake up that wakes us up, then she goes straight back to sleep, but this week has been several wake ups that don't need us, then a 'HI THERE EVERYONE! I'M UP FOR THE DAY!' wake up call anywhere from 4am-5.30am.
  • Oh, FFS.
  • What will I do once the Olympics is over? I don't actually mind the early starts to the day - we've been snuggling on the couch with hot drinks and watching the swimming live on the iPad. But once that's over? Oh my. FFS.
  • Again, the early morning wake ups wouldn't be as bad if I could actually sleep. My hips hurt, my back hurts, the baby wakes me up kicking booting me and attempting an Alien-style exit, and I'm consistently waking up because Lucy sleeps between my knees and I can't roll over. FFS.
  • Then Lucy found my plastic bag of new baby clothes under the bed and spent half an hour just shifting the bag around enough to make a bit of noise to keep us awake. FFS.
  • I made the mistake of googling '18 month old waking early' and discovered that there's an 18 month sleep regression THAT NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT. Probably because you got used to them sleeping through the night, and oh, say, got yourself pregnant again. Lulled into a false sense of sleep security... FFS.
  • Poor Millie has also finally got separation anxiety. After almost 18 months of loving Mum and Dad but not being terribly fussed about who she was with, and being an independent Miss she's devastated and LOUD if I won't pick her up immediately, or attempt to do anything that's not sitting on the floor with her. 
  • Again, this would be okay if it's all snuggles, but she sits on the floor with me, has some water and a snack, we read a book or watch some TV, then she leaves the room. I sit for awhile, then when I can hear or see her entertaining herself I start doing something else. NOT ON, MUMMY. FFS. She's clever.
  • And oh yes, on the topic of Renovation is Absolutely Not a Sensation - the tiler didn't turn up this week. FFS.

Shiny Things Friday

I taught Millie how to play hide and seek this week.
Cutest. Game. Ever.

The new handbag I'd been slogging through required an absolute
mega-load of hand stitching. I whinged to Ros about it the whole time.
She was very gracious and sent me photos of her latest project that she wasn't
enjoying either. She is a good friend.

After an evening and morning of handstitching, it was done.
I'm mega proud - first time making bias binding and first time
making and using piping. It's also an absolute workhorse
of a bag.

Waiting for the bus on Wednesday morning. Lovely clouds.

Little lady at Daddy's favourite shop. These trolleys are the bomb.

On one of our early starts M worked out how to dunk my (now cold) teabag.
Now it's a just a hop, skip and a jump to making Mummy a cup of tea!

I made this gorgeous little guy this morning for a very special Mummy.
I want to keep him for myself, but he's going to a very good home.

And finally... 27 weeks. Officially hippopotamus. 

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FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

  • I'm pretty sure I had a list of things to FFS about this week. Pregnancy with Millie stole my brain and what little memory recall I had... it came back briefly, but now it's completely gone again. So, FFS.
  • Traffic. Dear Tasmania, when I'm doing 80 in the 80 zone with doubles lines and my indicator on because it's night time and I'm going to pull in to my driveway on a highway, it's not smart to overtake me around a corner. I know you needed to get to your home in your dirty great ute approximately 10 seconds earlier than you would have, but seriously? FFS.
  • Also, on the main highway to Hobart, the right hand lane is for overtaking. Not moseying. Or squaredancing. FFS.
  • I wonder what the road rules say if I refuse to let you merge in front of me when I'm maintaining the recommended 3 second distance from the car in front of me? I'm not game to try this. FFS.
  • BN Update: they have been quiet of late. Aside from watching them stack their wood pile one piece at a time without a wheelbarrow, I think they're hibernating for winter. I don't blame them. 
  • Millie has learned to shake her head for 'No' now. She knows what it means... Now, offering food is blessed with a 'No' headshake, but placing a plate in front of her and leaving her to it means she'll eat. Ok. FFS.
  • Toni (Braxton) and David (Hicks) are in full force this week. Oh my god. Toni sings her greatest hits all day, and David lectures about human rights. SQUEEZE. FFS.
  • Millie got sick again this week. I point all my fingers at daycare, even more so after I was part of the following conversation:
Daycarer: 'Just to let you all know while you're here, head office have notified me that Whooping Cough is having another pandemic in Southern Tasmania. I ask you to be aware of the symptoms and keep your kids away.'
Me: 'Did you wind up getting your booster shot yet, Daycarer?'
Daycarer: 'On my list! Never fear!'
Parent #1: 'My kids aren't immunised for anything.'
Parent #2: 'Us either.'
Parent #1: 'I don't reckon them immunisations do nothin' anyway. Kids still get whooping cough. Besides, it's not dangerous if they're Kid A & B's age. It's only if they're Millie's age, or you know, like the bub in your belly Amy. Besides Daycarer, we don't socialise with anyone apart from youse here.'
Me: slackjawed.
Daycarer: Watching my face.
Daycarer: 'You know that you can get it from people coughing in public, right?'
Me: 'And, um, you can carry it? And even if kids get it whilst immunised it's not as severe or necessarily life threatening.'
Parents #1 & #2: 'Oh wow. Really?'
Me: Slackjawed.
Daycarer: 'Oh Parent #1, Kid A is complaining of a sore throat and she's been really unwell today.'
Parent #1: 'Oh it's nuthin. Just a harmless cold. I'm really depending on you this week Daycarer, it's my last week of study.'
Me: Slackjawed and attempting to maintain calm.
I recognise that we live in awesome country where we have the option of choice as to how we raise our children. Unimmunised, whatever. I don't agree with it, but that's your choice. Sending your sick kids to daycare and being uninformed about the risks of your unimmunised kids gets me on a high horse.
That afternoon Millie ran a 38oC temperate, woke every two hours overnight but seemed better by morning. I took her the daycare with the instruction to call me if she got any worse. She slept for five hours, but that afternoon came up suddenly with spots all over her face. We wound up at the Dr an hour later, with the diagnosis of a virus, a viral rash and instructions to stay home. So we did. She didn't go to daycare the next day. I kept my sick child away from all the other children.

And it got me to thinking - what happens after #2 is born? Do I need to keep Millie away from daycare until #2 is 6weeks and able to be immunised against Whooping Cough? Oh bloody hell. I don't know.

So really, FFS.

  • I also made mention to Daycarer that if the other kids are sick and the parents won't keep them away I don't want to take Millie there to get sicker, and I sure as hell don't want to pay for it either. FFS.
  • Then there's the Septic Tank Cowboy. But that's a whole other post. No really.

Shiny Things Friday

I made my own bias tape this week. After two failed attempts this year, colour me proud.

As I was making said bias tape I looked out the window. Neither of these two
are Lucy.

I made my own fabric labels. COLOUR ME EXCITED!

Okay, so I made the labels to cover up a Bias Binding Boo Boo.
But it looks ace.

I bought some fabric from Ros' Etsy shop. She is an enabler.
She is also an absolute sweetheart and I want to make her cups of tea.

Sick baby before we went to the Dr. It's in Shiny Things because
I rarely get epic snuggles like this. But look how sad she is. :(

After M was at the Dr and we got her to bed, Brinner was totally called for.
Free range eggies, free range bacon, good spinach, great mushrooms,
turkish bread. Yum!

Front page of Tasmanian Farmer. Good job, guys!

May the stripey bumpy force be with you.

When we had a Sick Day yesterday M was mildly cheered by dressing up
and drinking from her new sippy cup.

M's Plego is from the cheap shop, and you'd never know... besides this.

26 Weeks. The Bump is the only perky part of my body anymore.

It's Lifeline's Stress Down Day today. We are trying!

After a Preg-Reno tanty last Sunday when Mr S went to help a friend
move some of his belongings on his only day off, because he's a lovely kind generous
man, he came home with these for me. The fabric is a giant vintage tablecloth
I've had my eye on for weeks. I love him.

Linking up with Sarah for FFS Friday again. Loving her, as always.

Dear Baby G

FFS Friday / Shiny Things Friday

The Blogger's Block Edition.

There you have it.

It's been a really tiring week with the pinnacle being Lucy waking me up at 4am on Wednesday morning so I could show her the food. I went back to bed and stared at the ceiling (and Twitter) until 4.45... and just as I drifted off, M awoke at 5am.

And now, I can't think of anything to write about. I'm still too tired. FFS.

So I leave you with a picture of my lunch date today, and a promise to get back to my whinging next week.

Dear Baby G