FFS Friday...

It's that time again. Sarah has, as always, led the charge.

A short one this week.

  1. My internet has been shaped, for no good reason. because I download a lot. because I'm addicted to the Internet. FFS.
  2. My dear, sweet angel is teething. Perhaps? Finally? Is it really teething? I swear I rue the day I left my 'Secrets of Babies' book at the hospital. All I know is Millie's grumpy and can't sleep. Ergo, neither can I. FFS.
  3. I spent an inordinate amount of time on the telephone to my service provider this morning trying to change my internet plan, because it's always used up for no good reason because I download a lot. After 25 minutes of trying to understand a thick accent across a crappy phone line and 15 minutes of that was on hold silence, said sweet angel woke up. I hung up. FFS. Plan B: Praise jeebus for Telstra on Twitter. They rock my world. 

Dear Baby G