10 Things You'd Hate About Me...

This is the best reason you'd hate me... she's the cutest munchkin ever!

Sarah from Dear Baby G tagged me to complete this list... oh my.

Um. Um. Um... Let me try to concentrate whilst Millie tells me that she's not tired think on the fly about this. It's also hard to not take this too seriously.

  1. I'm tall. If you're under 5'8 and came to our kitchen, you'd have trouble getting plates out of the cupboard. Mr S is 6'6 and I am 5'11.
  2. I am a stationery freak. I have an entire cupboard in my office nook full of blank notepads, envelopes, wrapping paper, cards etc. They were organised by size at one point.
  3. I typed up my birth plan, printed out two A5's to an A4, cut and laminated them. Yes, I laminated my birth plan. I figured it could get messy and I wanted them to know exactly what I wanted.
  4. When I believe in something, I'm a pain in the bum if you want to disagree with me about it. I'm not afraid to ask to speak to your manager.
  5. Whilst I was pregnant I was all 'Our bodies are meant to birth naturally, I don't believe in pain relief in labour, and I surely don't want a CSection.', perhaps to the point of righteousness. I was a bit mystified as to why anyone would choose pain relief and surgery as a way to give birth. Now, I know differently. Don't get me wrong, I still believe that our bodies are mostly built to give birth naturally, but I completely understand that there are exceptions to the rule.
  6. I'm stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn. Don't push me to do something. I won't do it, because you've pushed me. (Mr S is the same. Oh, the conversations we have.)
  7. I am a baby bore. Hi! How's your day? Here, let me show forty thousand snaps a picture of Millie!
  8. I'm selfish a lot. If I'm tired and we have guests, I'll go to bed. If Millie's due for a nap, I'll tell you we can't meet you. This is something I have to force myself to work on a lot more since Millie was born, because I'm tired a lot more and that makes me far less receptive to change and more likely to find it all too hard.
  9. Most of me can't wait to stop breastfeeding. Perseverance has pretty much paid off but if I could have brought myself to give it away (see point #6) in the first few weeks I would have. I had mastitis 3 times in 6 weeks and had a lot of struggles feeding Divine Miss M. 
  10. When I get sick, it's a man cold and I want Mr S to drop everything and tend to my every snuffly whim. Thankfully, he pretty much does because he's a gem like that.
Now, I'm going to tag Cherie, Stacey & Michelle here...

And I'm now typing this with my right hand as I have a sleeping bag suited not sleeping M under my left arm...