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Summer is coming, which for us Tasmanians means that we can bust out a short sleeved T-shirt underneath our jumpers. With a chance of perhaps taking a jumper off!

But seriously, summer is a glorious time down south. The sun shines, the rain eases up, the mad winds of spring are behind us. There's festivals galore and it's time to explore the parks and gardens of where you live.

For us, it means spending time outside on our enormous deck. We put up the shade sail, throw down a picnic rug and live on the deck, retreating inside for more drinks or to briefly escape the heat.

Australian Outdoor Living have created an eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Living in Tasmania, to help Tassie residents make the most of their home State. The eBook covers outdoor activities and amazing spots to explore, as well as outdoor and garden ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces at home!

I was recently asked by Australian Outdoor Living to tell you about what outdoor spaces mean to me. You can pop over to their website and download their free e-guide to Tasmania.

It's a great guide filled with information about Tasmania, and I am featured alongside fellow Tasmanian Veronica Foale. (she makes the most delicious looking soaps, you should definitely check her out!).

It might be a bit cliche to say you have to 'stop and smell the roses', but, taking the time to breathe in fresh air and relax in the outdoors is incredibly important to our health and well being. Whether you're heading on a country walk, or simply enjoying a cup of tea on the patio, there's little better than taking time to enjoy being outside and just letting everything slow down once in a while.

So go on, (gwaaaan!) and check it out.

Where's your favourite spot outside in summer?

This post was sponsored by Australian Outdoor Living.