A Note About Slowing Down, Keeping Calm.

A Catch Up

This past few weeks have been a blur of kid snot, my snot, visiting in laws and a roof that suddenly, DIRELY needing replacing.

image from http://thelamppostproject.weebly.com/blog/once-upon-an-alphabet-oliver-jeffers This is from my favourite kid's book, 'Once Upon An Alphabet' by Oliver Jeffers.

image from http://thelamppostproject.weebly.com/blog/once-upon-an-alphabet-oliver-jeffers
This is from my favourite kid's book, 'Once Upon An Alphabet' by Oliver Jeffers.

Those events barged into my life, and my Mojo bustled past everybody muttering:
'Sorry, so sorry, just, uh, need some time, no one reads this anyway, so, uh, I'll, uh, be back soon. Popping out for some milk.'

Thanks a bunch Mojo. Inspiration nicked off with you, perhaps for a dirty weekend in the city? EXCEPT YOU GUYS NEVER CAME BACK.


We finished the never-ending dining room renovation, and the next week we had an epic hailstorm, complete with rain for hours on end. I went out for a coffee after dropping the girls at school and came home to this.

dining room1.jpg

No power, and a water feature in the dining room. My neighbour answered my calls to come over PLEASE and got in the roof cavity with towels. I called an electrician who came fairly immediately to disconnect the light, so we had power again.

The roof needed replacing. It transpires that the people who built our house used second hand bits of tin that didn't span the entire roof height and therefore sucked the water into it's joins, rusted through and ruined everything. By everything, I mean our bank account, my day off and Mr S' three day weekend. Mr S is a super-handy Andy (everyone needs one) and has spent the better part of this month on our roof replacing tin, altering the roof pitch (you read that correctly) and learning mad skillz like replacing roofing tin and altering roof pitch.

That's as far up a ladder as I care to go. The condition of my roof terrified me as much as the height.

That's as far up a ladder as I care to go. The condition of my roof terrified me as much as the height.

'Uh, Dad, I think we've got a problem.'

'Uh, Dad, I think we've got a problem.'

However, whilst he was completing the tin replacement, he mis-stepped on a beam and BAM! VOILA! INSTANT SKYLIGHT.

It's cool because this is the roof ceiling that we replaced.

In the middle of all of these shenanigans, the girls developed a monster cold/flu, complete with body aches and endless snot. M also got a middle ear infection and a cool viral rash. The day before my in-laws arrived, I awoke feeling a bit funny in the head. And my skin hurt. Then my ear hurt. And oh yes, my nose was running. My neighbour's wife pumped me full of cold and flu tablets and sent me on my way to continue moving rusty roofing tin from one end of my yard to the other.

Once the in-laws left the girls were at a loose end and recovering from both daily sugar hits with Nanny and Poppy and their colds. Suffice to say their manners were less than ideal and after a day in town where I spent a LOT of time being that mother who yells 'MILLIE ALICE SMYTH WHERE ARE YOU?' in the shops, I was done.

I remember the ever brilliant Stacey saying that she was So Done. And MAN, this past week, I was done. I couldn't handle another day of a 2 year old screaming at me and everyone for every little thing we did/did not do. I couldn't handle another day of a 4 year old refusing to sit in a trolley, promising she she'd stay with me then nicking off into another aisle and refusing to answer me. I got sick of both of them demanding endless Netflix, then STILL talking my ear off or standing next to me saying 'Mum. MUM MUM MUM.' 'Yes?' 'MUM.' 'Yes?' 'MUM.' 'YES! WHAT?' 'Don't YELL AT ME.' I got sick of cooking dinner every night that no one ate, no one said 'Thank you' for and no one sleeping all night. Look, that last one is part and parcel of the job, but it makes the other things so much harder on the nerves.

So the next day, we slowed our roll. We went to the shops and did our errands early. We came home and began to craft. I set up my sewing machine on the dining table and just went like blazes all afternoon. M sat opposite me and cut, glued and glittered to her heart's content. I felt my shoulders uncurl a little bit and there was a tiny ray of sunshine on my horizon.

I also worked out that my epic cold that wasn't shifting was perhaps a tiny bit different to my real cold and was in fact the mysterious cold that hits me for approximately two months every year at the same time. In other words, it's hayfever again. Every year I forget. Most years I go to my GP who sits me down and says slowly, looking deep into my eyes 'You have hayfever again.' This year I took some tablets and got on with it.

I cooked and made dips. I made tahini* from scratch. I dried coffee grounds for my face scrub. I made pear butter. I made SkinnyMixer's wraps (without a thermomix omg). No one eats the dinner I cook for them, but they do say thank you more frequently now. We've got some reward charts back in action now, which pretty much translates to 'I know this is bribery but for f**ks sakes, let's do this.'

I was still feeling pretty blah blah blah-di blah, and then I dragged my pity party butt to my computer and did a Skype interview with the glorious Rach from BarefootCrafter.com. An interview for what? For my podcast silly. That's the other thing I've been beavering away on quietly behind the scenes. Speaking with with Rach made me laugh the entire time because she's not only crafty and gorgeous, she's hilarious. I told her that we have to be friends now. That's not scary and stalkerish at all, right?

In closing, today I also had a most excellent conversation with a lovely lady whom restored my confidence in my abilities, and left me wanting to go on out there and just DO IT! Thanks Al.

We're on the improve over here, and I feel much better for having cathartically spewing my woes out.

There's lots to be grateful about here. It is indeed a very good day.

* PS. I was washing the Tahini jar for re-use, read the ingredient label and felt like slapping myself across my forehead. Ingredients: sesame seeds. I promptly roasted some sesame seeds, threw them in my every trusty will not die so I can buy a fake Thermomix food processor, added a drop of liquid and bam. Tahini. Apparently it's not the same because it's not slow stone ground, but I'll take it.